Saturday, May 18, 2013

Who knew my body could talk...?

The more I travel down this nutritional road the more I realize that no one person has the answer.  When I began seriously following a candida diet in January I almost immediately felt the great affects of relief and thought it would be only a matter of weeks or a few months to have the complete relief I’ve been looking for.  Here I am almost 5 months later and still feel like I’m battling my symptoms and not finding relief for them.

It is hard when I talk to people about how I’m eating and see their reactions of… “You’ve been on this diet for how long?... and you still have ringing in your ears?...”  Then they stare at me as though they think I may snap at any moment and lunge at them with my hands or a concealed weapon of some sort and do them in.  But instead of agreeing with them I defend what I’ve been doing and the lifestyle I’ve chosen.

While all my symptoms are not gone I do have to remember the GREAT benefits I’ve experienced.  A resting heart rate (at times) of 45 BPM as well as a blood pressure level of 100 over 70 (previously was 139 over 90 something).  I’ve lost almost 50 lb’s and have kept it off for the duration of the diet…  OK… so I haven’t really lost 50 lb’s strictly from the diet but when I consider where my high weight was I’ve really lost that amount.  We even get some comments now like “well, you must be doing something right if the weight is not coming back!”

I should be happy with the results and just quit expecting to see the results I’ve been waiting for, but I can’t… once I’ve set my mind to something, regardless of what it is, I see that something through.  However; there are some adjustments I’m making in my diet to see if I can figure it out.

My wife and I visited a cousin of mine who is a Total Body Modification (TBM) holistic healer, but of different sorts.  He practices something to do with TBM; the idea is that your body is out of balance and can’t control certain aspects of what is put in it.  I am slightly skeptical, as I have been about the candida diet from the beginning, but I’m hopeful that incorporating some of these TBM changes will allow me to continue the progress that has been halted.

Here’s why I’m skeptical.  Part of the idea is that your body knows what it needs (which I believe) and, evidently, you or somebody else, can ask your body what it needs and it will tell you exactly what it needs.  I know… sounds crazy, right… but if you think about it your own body should know what it needs and be able to let you know, even if subconsciously.

As my cousin was “asking my body” what it needs I was reminded of an older movie that helps explain how it must sound.  In the mid 80’s Disney released a movie called “The Flight of the Navigator.”  In this movie the main character “David” was abducted by an alien spacecraft when he was 12 years old and brought back to where he was taken 8 years later, but he hadn’t aged.  Now I won’t get into why he hasn’t aged so if you want to know then you’ll have to watch the movie to see why.

Anyway… the spaceship he was on ended up crashing on the planet and the artificial life form on the ship lost all the star charts that would let him get back home.  Not to worry though because he had already conveniently downloaded the star charts into David’s brain so it should be only a matter of scanning David’s head and recovering the data.  The problem is NASA has found the ship and has now contacted David and taken him into custody to be tested.

During one scene they hook David up to a machine and then proceed to ask him questions.  As they ask him where he’s been David says “I don’t know!”  But as he says this a phrase pops up on the computer telling them where he’s been.  They ask him where he went and again David yells “I don’t know!”  Only to have the answer pop up on the screen.  Soon David’s brain begins to communicate directly with the computer.  David sees the computer going crazy and then asked “Whose doing that!”  The NASA guy looks at him and says “you are David.”  David flips out a little bit and then takes off.

I felt al little like David felt… somebody telling me what my body was telling them I needed only to have the same idea of “who’s doing that?” come into my head.  Now they didn’t hook me up to a computer but total body TBM health professionals believes in the body’s ability to respond to touch and react in a certain way.  It was this reaction that would give them the answer they were looking for.  Evidently my body can only give yes or no answers though not well thought out answers…

Let me be clear that I believe the candida diet has done wonders for my health and I will probably always be careful with the amount of sugar I put into my body.  The journey so far has been one of tremendous healing but I can feel it’s not done and feel like this course adjustment is needed.

As I talked with my cousin he asked about all that bothered me… well the biggest thing is still the ringing in my ears so I told him that.  He followed it up with questions about anxiety and pain and other health related questions but also asked whether I get up during the night.  Well… there have only been 3-5 times in the last year that I can remember not getting up at least once and more often twice—this is much better than it used to be fore me; I used to get up 3-5 times a night to go to the bathroom.

The first step of this process is to get me drinking enough water and sleeping through the night.  My water intake is good, but evidently it is still insufficient.  I weigh about 135 lb’s and I guess should be drinking somewhere close to 90 ounces of water per day.  This is based on the idea that you should be consuming about 67 percent of your body weight in ounces of water.

There are more tests that I’m going to need to go on and I’m still going to be on a sugar control diet, but the idea is a little different than candida—under this belief the body has the ability to control the sugars that are put I the body mine has just lost it and needs to regain it.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t have candida or that the diet I’ve been on has not done any good… I do feel like it is a piece of the puzzle; a puzzle that is sure to have all the pieces I need I just need to find them and fit them into place.

I am more convinced that one diet may work completely for one person and may not be complete for another.  It is easy to think that if this works for me then it must work for others… However; this healing by food is new for a lot of people and I’m not sure any one person or program has all the right answers, but I do believe there must be a diet out there that will work for me, or at least a combination of diets.

My motivation still remains the same.  Ringing in my ears is the number one (because I believe if that is completely resolved then a lot of my other issues will have been resolved as well.  I’ve tasted the benefits have having no brain fog and also having some relief of my ringing so I know it is close, so I’ll soldier on and await the relief.

One other change I’m making is using helichrysum oil from doTerra; not sure this will help, but I was using a sample of this oil early on in this journey (when my progress was stronger) so we’ll see what this will do.  Evidently my body wants the helichrysum right now too… at least that’s what it told my cousin.  He told me I may want to wait on using it because as he makes some adjustments my body my not need or want it anymore… but I’m stubborn and want to see if I feel relief from it so I’m using it!

Here’s to the next chapter in this journey of healing (first from candida and now from my sleeping problems, which hopefully will resolve most of my other problems).

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