Sunday, April 21, 2013

Days 93 - 103

It has been too long since my last post.  Partly due to the boring nature of the last week or so, but also to do with the busy nature of the week as well.   Although there has been some fun we've had and some good stuff we've come up with--or more appropriately came across.

We found a recipe for chocolate chips made with cacao, coconut oil and stevia inspired by  We only had what I mentioned above and did not add vanilla (since it is technically not something we are suppose to have.

Cacao Coconut Oil Chips
- 1 part pure cacao powder
- 1 part coconut oil
- We did about 3 or 4 droppers full of stevia

Melt the coconut oil on very low heat (you only need it melted and slightly warm so the cacao will mix easily--if you heat too much then the whole thing separates and just does not work as well.  Mix in the cacao and the stevia.  Place in a flat pan (we used about a 9X9 pan.  Pour the contents into the pan and let it sit in the refrigerator.  To speed the process up we placed it in the freezer for about 5 minutes and it was done. Cut the chocolate  into chunks.  As we cut the chocolate it separated into chunks by itself.

This was the closest thing to chocolate chips we've had while on this crazy diet and we LOVED them... even made some chocolate chip cookies from

Be careful though... since the coconut oil has such a low melting point we ended up with a baking sheet of very good cookie type bars (not cookies) we still haven't figured out how to get them to look like the picture but they were delicious!  Even the batter was delicious.  We did leave out the vanilla extract in ours and it was still excellent.  We haven't tried it yet, but we want to add an egg or two to see if they stick together more like cookies would.

This has been a week of reflection for my wife and me... we have really been very disciplined with our diet but have not seen all the great benefits we have been hoping for.  However; we did review how great we have felt physically.  My blood pressure is down from 139/95 down to something like 98/70 (or something really healthy.  Also, my resting heart rate when I got up to run one day last week was 45!  I don't ever remember having a resting heart rate that low EVER!  There are other benefits but the ringing in the ears is still there and the sinus pressure is still there.

I even got to the point this last week where I decided I need to give up or try harder to get the results I need.  If my wife wasn't as strong as she's been with this whole diet then I think I may have ended up with a big cheeseburger in my hand that night and I would have been done.  As it is we've come up with something slightly more crazy.

A lot of what we've been reading online talks about potatoes and even rice (or at least white rice) being bad for the growth of candida.  Other sites say that chocolate and cacao are bad for your body while it is trying to heal.  Thinking (and looking back at the blog) it appears the fastest progress was while we were being more pure with our diet.  Early on we swore off stevia but it didn't take long for our taste buds to adjust and we LOVE it.  However; it was during the times we weren't having stevia when we feel like we were gaining the most ground.

What it has really come down to though is the idea that nobody has all the right answers and as everybody in the whole world is different we are beginning to think that this includes nutrition.  My Doctor wasn't kidding when he said the only way to really know if a food bothers you is to stop eating it and then introduce it again.

With this in mind we've decided to cut off cacao, stevia, white rice and potatoes (at least right now).  The idea is that our diets have been very pure and we want to see if we notice some pretty quick improvements over the course of the next few days or weeks.  Every time we feel we have it pinned down it ends up being the wrong direction.

One of the most frustrating things right now is that I do believe what we are trying to achieve is more simple than we've made it out to be, but we are just not sure what our bodies need to have happen to heal.  I've also said this before but I also think it could be just time our bodies need, which would be kind of funny because we could try something and our bodies react (or feel better) and we associate it with whatever it was we were doing at the time when it may not be that at all.  (if that makes any sense.

I hope to have something more exciting in the coming days and weeks.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Days 91 and 92

This post will about bring me up to speed (real time) with the blog.  It is getting more difficult to log every days activities, mainly because the days are so monotonous lately I feel like I’m telling the same story over and over—a lot like the movie Groundhog Day.  I swear I even wake up in the morning to the same music playing on the radio… oh wait… that one is mostly true since we do sleep to some comforting music made to help you sleep I do wake up to the same thing playing over and over again!

Day 91 (Tues) nothing major to report other than it was a very difficult day for my wife, but I felt like I had a pretty good day.  We have been a bit more lax with our food intake and have allowed ourselves some—although very little—leeway.  I’m not sure what the issue was with my wife It, it was raining, she didn’t get a run in this morning, her kids at school were fairly awful—which I guess has more to do with coming off of spring break (and as some teacher swear, the rain) than anything else.

We have both decided that we do enjoy our cacao pows VERY much.  The recipe is listed on the recipe page but we do substitute some items on some days rotating (avocados, steel cut oats and quinoa) and often adding maca powder with hemp hearts.  Any way we make it we love it.

Still can’t believe we are continuing with very little variation—still want to see full relief come but not sure how strict to be.

Day 92, Wednesday, again not much to report although it was a very tough day for me—I actually think I felt more anxiety and depression.  During these times of reflection I focus on too much of the negative that’s happening and not enough positive.  I try every day to focus on the positive (at least to a point) but when the negative does happen I let it get me down.  It makes me realize that I must have been more depressed before beginning this journey than I realized.

Life goes on and—overall—continues to get better.  I notice the ups and downs and sometimes they are pretty extreme, but everybody deals with this to a point and I can’t expect to be rid of every negative feeling there is.  I do hope and believe that my ringing can and will go completely away as well as the few lingering health concerns I have but suppose it will take more and more time.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Road is a Veritable Smorgasboard

Time for another slight detour with the blog to finish the story of my 1st business trip in my journey of sickness.  The Chop House was THE BEST experience I had had at a restaurant EVER and that is saying a lot for me—to see what I mean check out my blog post where I tell all about my first trip there.

As far as the business aspect of the first trip there was a whole lot of tired driving until we reached our destination and I spent the next 4 days winging it and just doing a very good job at mimicking what I saw needed to get done.  I learned a lot about software, networks, and computers in general and realized I didn’t know anything or hadn’t seen anything yet!

I quickly learned how easy it is to go crazy on the road with food.  Since we traveled together Dustin wanted to make sure we went to dinner every night (instead of ordering room service).  I later realized that this is because as a traveler you rarely travel with somebody else (at least as an installer/trainer in the company I worked for).  This meant that you took advantage of every opportunity you could to eat with another person.

The whole week was meat meat meat.  Now obviously I probably didn’t need to eat the things I ate every meal I did but I was of the school that if it was free then you went with the most expensive items you could (at least at the place you were eating) and enjoyed them… this typically meant meat!  Chili’s, Red Lobster, Applebee’s, a few local steakhouses or Bars and Grills are examples of the places I ate every day.  I felt a lot like Templeton the rat at the fair in Charlotte’s Web when he’s singing about all the food he gets to eat and then goes crazy!

I do understand that you could eat healthy at these places but had a different idea then of what healthy was and quite frankly didn’t even care!  I would make sure that for our “Continental Breakfast” I would get all the bacon and eggs and sausage that I could stuff into my mouth and top it off with a HUGE glass of orange juice or milk or even a coke if the morning was feeling that way.  For lunch I would get the little lunch steak or the HUGE lunch hamburger and a large French fry.  I would get a big dish for dinner, and unless it was pasta I would get the biggest French fry I could—often times substituting the vegetable with French fries.

This was my week and this soon became my world.  Stopping wherever the mod struck for that day which at times meant I would be eating room service or another time I would be eating taco bell or another time it would be a toss up between a McDonald’s and a Red Lobster!  How crazy is that!  The biggest problem was this would continue when I would get home.  Traveling so often (sometimes every week for 8-12 weeks in a row) meant I didn’t keep any amount of food in my fridge at home, unless you count the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls you buy in the cans that make the ‘popping’ sound when you open them with that AWESOME cream cheese frosting.

This should have been a time when I ate the most healthy ever—I had most nights free and so could have been picky about what I ate at the restaurants or just picked some healthy stuff up at the local supermarket but I didn’t… I indulged like there was no tomorrow!  If gluttony truly is a sin then I was the worst kind of sinner.  The interesting thing was I didn’t put on an exorbitant amount of weight, at least when compared to what others put on when living this lifestyle, but I did put on weight and, as it became obvious more recently, my body was not getting the nutrition it should be getting… I was on a crash course to some pretty bad places health wise!

Anyway… before I go to far into other experiences I have to finish my first trip.  Dustin was impressed and I fooled somebody yet again… “Muaaah ahhh ahhh… I will get to keep this job for at least one more week” I told myself!  We did fly out of South Bend to get back to SLC.  Why South Bend and not Muskegon you might ask?  Well… airline fees are interesting animals and often times you can find tickets for half or one quarter of the price of other airports when you are flying somewhere… as long as you are fine with driving a little ways.  We did try to be pretty frugal in our travels (at least when it came to the airline tickets!).

I had now tasted the life and liked it… in fact I LOVED it and couldn’t wait for me.  I told every detail to my mom and dad who were soooo excited for more.  The week was long and I was tired, but it felt so good! and I bet I gained about 10 pounds just during that first week.

Days 89 and 90 - Entering an All New Month

Days 89 and 90

Food was our typical on Sunday (cacao pow using instant rolled oats instead of steel-cut because we did sleep in.  However; there was no juice today.  We decided to go Geo-caching with a friend this afternoon and so had a quick HUGE salad lunch and then were off.

It has been since law school that we’ve gone geo-caching… we stayed on a pretty good bike/walking trail so our kids would not have too much problem and they loved it!  I forgot how much doing something so small as a kid can be sooo much fun.  The trail we walked on was one of the “Rails to Trails” program creations so there were a lot of those old train rocks off to the side of the trail.  My 4 year old had a blast kicking rocks off the trail and then when there were no more he could kick off the trail I would throw them onto the trail for him to kick off—he couldn’t get enough and it really tuckered him out.

We drove by about 8 homes this afternoon—since we are going to have to move in about 5 months or so—but there is really nothing that is calling our names.  My little 8 year old is awesome.  He really wants to stay in this area but the area is well out of our price range right now.  He understands that we have to find a house in an area that will work with our budget so he’s decided to pray for us to find the right area and the right home—and he was sure to add that he is praying that it will be in this area.  In a big way I hope his prayer is answered because it would mean that some things have changed for us financially in a very short period of time. ;)

As far as any progress with my candida it’s hard to say where I am or what needs to happen now.  For the last few weeks (and in some ways almost the whole time we’ve bene doing this cleanse) I’ve had pressure in my sinuses that does not want to go away!  It’s a pressure that is hard to describe but I told my wife today that it feels little like something is crawling around in my deep sinuses that are just above the rim of my nose.  She looked at me a little like people look at us now “bat crap crazy…” but I don’t know a better way to describe it.

I’ve done some searching online and have found some people who say you can actually get parasites in your nose but others who say that when they told their doctor this they thought they were crazy and ought to go see a shrink.  I don’t know what—if anything—is stuck in my nose, I just know there is a pressure that won’t quite go away and I would like it to be gone.  Deep down I believe (and hope) that it is progress that continues as I continue to cleanse my body… afterall… it’s only been about 3 months of extremely clean eating and many people say it takes at least 3 months or as many as 6 or longer to get rid of all the symptoms.

Here’s hopin’ for more!

Day 90

I did it again!  I got up very early and ran.  5:40am I was at my starting point and off.  It did feel a little slower and more difficult than it did when I ran on Saturday (my best run yet) and when I was done it was confirmed.  This morning it was very dark and I couldn’t see my time as well as I could on Saturday so I only ran and really didn’t track my speed while I ran.  The problem with is that my running is so sporadic—I have no sense of how fast or slow I’m going sometimes.  It can feel like I’m running 8 minute miles or better and when I look down at my watch I’m doing 10 minute miles.

When this happens while I see my watch I pick things up because I know I’m capable of much faster.  Well.. when I couldn’t read my watch this morning I had to go on how I felt.  I still did pretty good though—I think 8:45 minute miles (compared to my 8:16 on Saturday) but it still frustrate me a bit.  Getting up that early in the morning lets you get quite a bit done.  I actually started some steel-cut-oats before I left so they would be done when I got home from my run.  I had our juice ready (green drink with lemon, lime, romaine, spinach, ginger, cucumber and celery) and also our cacao-pow with steel-cut-oats as the base (OUR MOST FAVORITE TREAT AND BREAKFAST!).  My wife even got to work by about 7:45am which I think really helped her.

Morning was tough.. I keep waiting for my sinuses to clear but they don’t.  I mentioned that it feels like something crawling around in my sinuses but I thought of another way to describe it as well.  If you’ve ever been swimming and gotten water up your nose there is a feeling—at least with me—that inevitably comes as my sinuses try to clear (similar to the ears popping with driving up a canyon) my nose just feels like water needs to drain and then finally does to GREAT relief.  Well… the feeling I feel in my sinuses is similar to that except the drainage never comes—I wait… and wait… and wait… and wait… hoping beyond hope that it will clear but NO.

I tried a nasal rinse tonight that was a little strange.  I figure if there is something living up there—which I’m not convinced of—then it wouldn’t hurt to add a little something to the neti-pot mixture (not probiotics though).  I added some apple cider vinegar (about 2 teaspoons full).  As I flushed it through my ears I felt a burn that was a burn above all other burns.  It actually made my eyes water!... which I knew it would do I just don’t think I was as prepared as I needed to be fore it (it burned! And I’m not convinced it did much more than has already happened).  I want progress to proceed again! And may be willing to try a few stupid things to make this happen (I’m just not sure I’ll recommend any copycats out there, YIKES!).

Lunch was a HUGE salad with quinoa and then dinner was spaghetti (still one of our favorite meals).  Things are still saying as they’ve been (no better, no worse) but I’m ready for things to get better again.  However; I do need to say that I recognize my anxiety and other issues still feeling much better!

And... now I am almost caught up!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Days 84-88 – Spring Break Bash

Day 84 – Camping Preparation

Tuesday was very busy and we decided that we would get ready to go camping on Wednesday through at least Thursday.  This was going to be a problem for a couple of reasons.  First, it is has been a long time since we’ve gone camping without a tent trailer—which is already equipped with sleeping bags and a source of heat (a very nice source of heat I might add [a forced air heater].  But… since we’ve sold our mode of transportation that allows us to borrow my brothers trailer, and since we didn’t want to start a family world war 3 in asking him if we could borrow his vehicle we decided to go tent camping.

Not a huge problem until we realized there were going to be issues.  We’ve always been junk food campers and our new life-style would not allow us to indulge in those same types of foods now.  However; my wife and I were both brought up under the school of thought that pretty much requires roasted marshmallows for the kids.  OK… so I was also brought up that you needed a good amount of coke, beef jerky, oreo cookies, hostess anything (although I guess that would not be possible this time even if we wanted them since they filed for bankruptcy), Cheetos, salsa and chips, etc.  If it was bad for your health then it darn well came with us!

The other issue would be the tent… well… I remember at one point we did have a tent, but after searching for at least an hour for it we determined that we must have left it in Virginia when we moved back from school because of a trailer weight issue (the tent wasn’t the only issue but it was a pretty good weight—a story for another time).  We also realized that we don’t have sleeping bags of our own, nor do we have pots that allow us to cook over a fire, nor an ability to heat anything up over the fire.

A quick trip to Wal-Mart on Tuesday night and we had our sleeping bags and new cast iron skillet (which is something we wanted to get anyway), and then a quick trip to my sisters house to borrow a tent—apparently not a world war 3 worthy item as compared to a whole vehicle—and then off home to try to get a bit of sleep.  I chose the absolute cheapest sleeping bags I could that were rated for temps ranging form 40degrees to 60degrees.  I figured the Temperatures were supposed to stay over 40 and close to 50 or higher so we should be fine (that’s in Fahrenheit by the way).

Day 85 – The Drive

We wanted to make sure we were out the door at about 10:00am on Wednesday night because the drive to Topaz Mountain was at least 3 hours and we wanted to be there with plenty of time to set up the tent.  After a fairly sluggish morning and another run by me (yes I ran again and did pretty awesome) we were packing our goods.  It is a different animal when you consider what you can and can’t eat when camping.  We can’t have hamburgers or hotdogs but we can have all the vegetables we want as well as steel-cut-oats and eggs.  We packed a cooler with all our goodies and then we were off… and only 1 ½ hours late too!

One other thing that is a travel necessity is a nice ice-cold coke sitting on my lap as I drive along with all the good snacks I mentioned above to keep my stomach company.  The munching helps keep me distracted and awake while we travel down the road.  There was no such snacking or drinking this time.  I had some water and a few pieces of celery as well as some rice cakes to boot—awesome! Awesome! Times!  The drive was over 3 hours we even had to stop at a Wal-Mart on the way down because we realized we didn’t have charcoal or firewood and a few other items such as a spatula that would work camping—oh the joys of tent camping for the first time in years!

We stopped at a small gas station about 40 miles before Topaz Mountain so we could find out where we needed to go to find the topaz.  To our surprise the women behind the counter had no clue where you needed to go.  The only thing they could tell us is that you needed to find “The Cove.”  “OK… so any idea how to do that?” we asked.  “No idea” was their response.  It wasn’t that they were being rude or even being mean they just didn’t know where we needed to go.  This worried us a little but we figured we’d be able to find the right place so we continued.

We kept watching for the little sign that would tell us when we needed to turn off the road to get to the mountain.  Once we went about as far as we learned we needed to go we peeled our eyes and found the small wood sign—marked with plenty of bullet holes from the hunters who must have been bored at the lack of things to shoot—and we turned.

The road was rough, but I’m a great driver ;-) so I continued at a good clip driving like I was in an off road rally race kicking up a huge wall of dust behind and around us as we traversed the pot-hole covered road.  A few miles later we saw tents set up in some camp-sites.  Now this is a term I use lightly because they were only campsites in the sense that there was a fire pit (albeit homemade) and some tents or campers were set up.  This area is privy to what is referred to as “Dry Camping” which pretty much means there is no running water, no toilets or outhouses and no garbage facilities you bring it in and either have to bring it out, burn it or bury it (I’ll let you imagine what you would need to do with any certain item or substance while camping).

We were getting ready to pitch a tent (still having no idea where this “cove” area was) when a lady was driving toward us in her car.  I flagged her down and asked her “do you know where we can find the topaz?”  She quickly responded: “sure… follow me!”  We promptly obeyed and turned around to follow her.  As we got going further and further from where we were—and seemingly further and further into the middle of no where—my wife and I both started speculating that she could very well be some psychopath who was leading us to our demise far out in the middle of no where.  We had to laugh because we were so quick to trust somebody without too much thought of the consequences.  I suppose sometimes you have to go with your feelings.  Although… maybe it would have been smart not to ignore this lady’s bumper sticker (“Guns don’t kill people, I do!”)… ;-) So this last bit is not true, but it would make for a better story… wouldn’t it?

As we rounded some corners we noticed that were entering what appeared to be a huge cove—we must have found “The Cove!”  She pulled off to a “campsite” and we pulled just across the road to another one. My wife wasted no time in taking the kids to rock hound for topaz and they were off while I set up the tent and got dinner going.  Great dinner! Turkey sausage with onions potatoes and peppers!  We had so much left over that we invited “psychopath lady” (who turned out to be a really nice teacher from close to the same area we are from) and her family over for some good grub and marshmallow roasting—for my children not for my wife and me L

Our skillet worked GREAT!  We had tried to cook with charcoal on the ground—which by the way brought up another great item to add to our tent camping list; a platform to cook on—but that wasn’t working well at all so I ended up putting the skillet right in the fire.  Other than the black soot that gathered on the pan it turned out really really good.  It is also amazing how easy it was to cook and clean a meal like that.  I suppose the 3 months of cooking from scratch really put a perspective on cooking while camping (it’s something I can handle).

It started out cold when getting ready for bed so I turned on the heater we brought with us… yes I did say a heater, it’s the “Little Buddy” heater by Mr. Heater and is suppose to be safe for indoor use.  However; I’m still a little nervous about using it in a tent while sleeping so I only planned on using it to get ready for bed before turning it off to go to sleep—it didn’t take long to realize it was going to be a cold night.  The sleeping bags we had bought definitely didn’t seem like they would keep us warm, but by this time our kids were asleep and so we wanted to make sure they were staying warm even though we weren’t.

Both kids were little furnaces—their sleeping bags were the same size as ours but their bodies were nice and warm leaving us to think they would be good all night so we laid down to sleep but could not get warm.  I tried lifting the heater up onto the bed for a few minutes to let it get inside our sleeping bag (which we had zipped together with each others to stay warmer) but almost popped our blow up mattress from the heat exhuming from the heater.  Got as warm as I thought I could and then went to sleep.

Day 86 – All Night Long!

It wasn’t an hour or so after getting to sleep that my youngest son began to scream out in pain.  I must have been completely and utterly asleep because the sound jerked me awake leaving me slightly discombobulated and groggy.  I thought I heard my wife say that he needed to go pee or that he had gone pee.  Now up to this point it had been the coldest I remembered feeling in a long time and my only thought in the state I was in is that the only thing that would make it worse is for my 4 year old to wet his bed—I just knew it would be a LONG night.

Without thinking—or even saying much—I immediately jumped from my sleeping bag without a thought or worry about how cold it was at that moment.  I leaped over my wife, who was well awake by now, and grabbed my screaming son and picked him right up out of his sleeping bag.  So now a daddy—who is not quite sure what he’s doing but pretty sure he is about to have a little boy pee on him—grabbed a son, who had no clue what was going on, and ripped him out of bed.

I immediately ran him to the door of the tent, unzipped the tent and pulled his pants down to his ankles.  I tried to lift both of us out the small opening in the door but almost dropped my half naked son so I had to set him on the ground.  This would have been bad enough if it had been in the tent, but this was on the COLD COLD ground outside, I quickly stepped through grabbed my son of the ground and held him in the air at such an angle as to let the pee stream go away from the tent and clear away from both my son and me.

As I’m holding him in the air he is still screaming and all I could say is “OK… go pee pee.”  He looked at me and, in a very angry voice: “I DON’T NEED TO GO PEE PEE DADDY!” with his tears still streaming and still not sure what he was doing.  Now being the smart—semi conscious—man that I am I would not relent and asked him 4 or 5 times to go pee pee, but got the same response every time, until my wife said “sweetie… I don’ think he needs to go pee pee.”

It was then that I realized I had just made a night terror worse by doing what I had done.  Feeling the affects of the cold on me now I knew I needed to get back in my sleeping bag, and if I was feeling this cold then I knew that my 4 year old was freezing.  I decided to pull him into the sleeping bag with my wife and me.  For some reason he decided he wanted to stay right up against me through the rest of the night so I was warm for the most part while my wife couldn’t come within about 1 foot of him before he would say: “get away from me mommy.”  I never could adequately explain to him why mommy couldn’t get away from him when they were both in the same sleeping bag.

We survived the morning but with it being so rough I was really hoping that both my boys would sleep in.  No such luck!  They both woke up just before 7:00am, it was about 7:15am when my 8 year old kept asking me what time it was.  Now as far as he is concerned anything after 7:00am is morning and he would want to go out of the tent, so I did something my wife and I never do with our kids (at least very very rarely) I lied to him.  I told him: “It’s 6:15 buddy just go back to sleep.”  This worked until about 8:15 when I had to come clean because my 4 year old kept asking: “If it’s night night then why is the sun coming up?”  I really didn’t have a great answer and had been lying long enough that morning so I told him the truth.

We spent a good few hours during the morning rock hounding and found some pretty good pieces of topaz.  Before our terrible night last night we thought we would be able to stay one more night before heading home so we decided to save the steel cuts for the next morning so this morning we had eggs and some turkey bacon—mmm mmm mmm!

After a few hours we packed up camp and then got ready to leave, my wife made some tuna mixed with vegenaise (vegan version of mayonnaise) using it as a spread over some rice cakes.  I almost lost my wedding ring today—as we were cleaning up I realized my wedding ring was missing and thought for a minute that I had lost it in the desserts of central Utah.  After a few prayers and some quick searches we found it in the tent—which I had had problems with earlier.

The drive home was AWEFUL!  I was so tired.  My 4 year old and wife were sleeping, my 8 year old was reading and I was almost nodding off (and it was early in the afternoon!).  When we stopped at the gas station I wanted so bad to get a coke or a 5 hour energy but just resisted.  It was a hard ride home, I don’t know how I survived (Name that old rap song).  It was tough but snacking on cacao nibs and pine nuts as well as drinking plenty of water did the trick.

Needless to say we didn’t do much after we got home—only unpacked the stuff we knew would go bad over night.  Had a quick HUGE salad, since our eating habits were so bad (although much much better than other camping trips) and pretty much went right to bed.

Day 87 – Catch Up

Today was a big catch up day—it started really slow—it took until 8:30am to get out of bed and then to get going felt awful.  We must have gotten some good sun because I did feel a bit of heat exhaustion (or at least had some symptoms of it).  We made lemon almond pancakes this morning and found out how full of calories they are!  Because the almonds are so calorie dense one serving of these pancakes is almost 500 calories, so we were a little less excited about adding the maple syrup.

Energy stayed pretty stagnant all day, even when trying to clean out the car and clean up the house a little—didn’t really feel like we got a ton done, but still a good day.

Day 88 – Day of Rest

Ok… so it’s Saturday and not Sunday, but mostly still felt like a day of rest.  In our church there are 2 times each year that the leaders talk to us (as a world wide congregation) but we are able to watch or listen over the Internet or watch on a local TV station in Utah.  My wife had a 10-mile run this morning and I went to pick her up as we listened to some of what we call Conference on a local radio station here.  She made an awesome time so I thought that I should run for part of my day.

I had the best mile I’ve ever run—or at least that I’ve ever tracked while running—a 7:50 mile (only a 3 mile run and had an average pace of 8:16 so still an awesome run!  We did some left over pancakes and some tuna vegenaise sandwiches but using pancakes instead of bread.  Conference ended up being really good today and I went with my brothers to a meeting for the men tonight.  We make it a tradition to go out to eat after this meeting so we all went to Sizzler (it’s been a long time for me).

Pretty good, but I wasn’t too careful about what went into the food unless it was obvious so we’ll see how tomorrow goes.  The worst thing about tonight was when I picked up my brother.  He immediately told me that my breath was “AWFUL” (and actually later he said “worse than awful”).  When I asked what it smelt like he said: “garlic.”  Now my wife and I have been swallowing a good amount of garlic so this is what I was worried about—smelling like something and not realizing that I do.

What made it worse was meeting another brother for the night who also said “oh your breath stinks!”  Great… my mind was occupied the whole night about my stinky breath which couldn’t be fixed even by taking 4 or 5 really strong mints.  Thank goodness later—after dinner—both said my breath didn’t stink anymore.  So now I know… If you’re going to garlic up your breath then make sure to eat something soon after doing it, otherwise you’ll end up stinking out your friends!