Saturday, April 6, 2013

77 – A morning Plan

Mornings are now and have always been very very difficult for me.  I have the fight with my pillow in the morning and my pillow usually ends up winning so I never get up and never get out running or doing something else.  Well… last night I decided I would force myself to get out of bed at 5:30am to run.  To help get me there I made it a calendar entry on my iPhone and invited my wife—who really didn’t need any motivation for getting up in the morning.

When the alarm went off at 5:30am I was tempted to get my lazy but back into bed, but I didn’t.  My wife reminded me—and I reminded myself—that I made this a ‘goal’ and needed to stick with it, so I did get up and get ready and then got out the door.  It is about ¼ of a mile to where I run and I always walk there before starting.  All the way up I just wanted to turn around and come home, but didn’t.

It was still pretty dark at about 6:00am or so as I made it to my starting point, built up the courage and then took off!  I’m not a speed runner but I was noticing my time and made really good average time.  I ran about 3.95 miles at an average pace of 9:16 per mile (so I beat my time and distance from Saturday).  I still don’t feel great while running but I felt really good after I was done.  The only problem—and I’m not sure if it was caused by the running—I have had a stuffy nose and feel like a cold is coming on… YUCK! But I don’t think that will stop me from getting out again.

I have really neglected a very important part of getting better which is to make sure I’m exercising regularly (preferably daily), so I’m creating a resolve to win the fight against my pillow and see if I can now get a runner’s high—something I’ve never really been able to get to before!  Time will tell.

Anyway… other than the cold it’s been a great day!  I started steel-cut-oats before I left out the door and they were pretty much ready when I got home.  Also had our favorite green juice.  Spaghetti for lunch (leftovers)… a TON of spaghetti—hopefully the tomatoes sit OK with my stomach.  I did notice during the run I had some pretty interesting cramping in my stomach, it wasn’t really painful cramping but more like tightening… when I got home I realized why… let’s just say my body was glad to be rid of a good amount of waste!  You’re welcome!

Dinner was a quick eggs and toast (made from some of my homemade bread).   My wife worked late tonight for some conferences at school so it was just me and da boyz for dinner and then pack meeting tonight (scout meeting) for my 8 year old.  Had a great time and a great day!  Here’s to an even better tomorrow!

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