Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 82 – Easter Greetings

It is a good day to remind everybody that my posts are 1 week behind; since I wanted to make sure that I would be able to keep the blog going for a long while.  So far it’s worked great but it does make it a little difficult when there is a big holiday or something else that is easily marked and I’m not talking about it.  Although if there is something that I do notice on the night I post then I make sure that is clear in the post (at least something worth noting).

Sundays are usually especially nice because it is a day that can usually be a little less busy and one that is spent with family—especially on Easter Sunday.  Church was very nice; warm temperatures as well as good discussions and uplifting lessons—very very nice!  After our cheat day yesterday I didn’t know what to expect… however, when I woke up today I was feeling much better than I thought I would.  I’m not planning on extending our little trial more than we had yesterday but it at least gives me hope that many of the things we love are not out of our life forever but for a while (as long as we are more careful on them when they come back in).

However; gluten will still be out indefinitely… I’ve heard horror stories about how long it can take to get that stuff out of your system and it has only been about 6 weeks or so since our last gluten intake so we have a good 2 weeks or more (possibly) until it is completely out of our system again.  I am planning on also staying very clean in all aspects of my diet until my symptoms subside.  This is notwithstanding the fact that I did cheat yesterday.

I guess I’m saying that even though I cheated I’m not going to plan on making it a weekly or maybe not even a monthly event.  It’s just good to know that there seems to be plenty I can eat (including dairy) that won’t affect me after one day ‘off the wagon.’  I did want to eat a TON of stuff yesterday (such as a gluten free sugar cookie, chocolate shake, candy, and other things) but I didn’t… or at least didn’t go hog wild.  I took in a little, but to be honest the little bit I had wasn’t that much better than the healthy stuff I’ve been getting used to.

It is so hard thinking about working this hard for an indefinite amount of time and although I don’t seem to feel affects I do believe that had I continued to indulge the relief I’ve gained over the last 80 or so days would be GONE… I want to see full relief before considering letting things to too far back (if at all) to the way they were.  This is the biggest test of endurance I think I’ve ever committed to, but beyond that it is the biggest test of endurance I’ve ever done (and succeeded with!).  My wife and I went 79 days without ANY type of cheat with what we set out to do (and we had initially only planned on going 30 days (which at the time seemed overwhelming!).  It is amazing what you can talk your body into doing.

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