Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 78 – Exercise is Exhausting but Good for Me… Right?

I was set on getting up at 5:30am and did get up, but had a rough time staying up.  It was my wife’s turn to run and I stayed at home to work out—I was going to have a date with Tony Horton but a rough night of sleep won out.  I ended up doing about 70 pushups and 70 or so crunches and went back to bed where it didn’t take me long to drift back to sleep.

Breakfast was steel-cut-oats and our favorite green drink—are you sick of hearin about it yet?  Lunch as no less exciting—beans and quinoa but not a lot of salad—actually it wasn’t a very big day of salad today.  Dinner was pizza for the boys and more beans and quinoa for me—that is the kind of day I had.

I felt great after the exercise yesterday but this morning it caught up to me.  My muscles weren’t really that sore but I was feeling sooooo tired a lot of the day and felt like I was dragging—I didn’t get a chance to pick up more salad so I ended up forgoing that for the day and just made it simple (a lot of what I ate came out of a can today!).

I am NOT a morning person and have to remind myself that although it’s a pain in the butt it is good for me so although I feel tired today I am setting the run into my calendar again for tomorrow and hitting the road again.  I’ll keep this up until I get the runners high (and then hopefully it will be a bit easier for me) or until I get a road bike or a decent mountain bike so I can really do what I love.  Running is just so much less expensive than biking is and easier to get ready for—not a lot of equipment to maintain or worry about.

I’ll have to see if my brother wants to come with me—it’s been since before the St. George Marathon last October that we’ve run together.  Exercise is good for me… Exercise is good for me… Exercise is good for me… how many times do I need to say it before it sticks?

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