Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 80 – Cacao Nib Cookie Crazy

The post exercise slump hit pretty good this morning and I ended up staying in bed until my boys woke up at about 6:45am.  My wife did get up and exercise—she is always so good—at about 6:00am.  Food for the day was steel-cut-oats, juice for breakfast; eggs and some toast (gluten and sugar free of course) as well as salad and quinoa for lunch and spaghetti noodles with salsa for dinner.  Although we did have a great snack tonight with some Cacao Nib Cookies my wife made using a recipe she at

The raw dough tasted so good but when we cooked the cookies they ended up bleeding together and created one huge sheet cookie on our tray.  They were still pretty good—the best cookie we’ve had in a LONG time.  We did adjust them a little and added about half of the maple syrup it called for but then a bit of stevia (about 7 drops of stevia to be exact), still very much worth making.

Food has been the biggest issue lately—it isn’t so hard to make the things we make but it takes so much time and we don’t find ourselves branching out as much as we probably ought to.  It creates a bit of a food rut that feels hard to get out of.  On the one hand we love the food we prepare and love how it makes us feel, but on the other hand… it takes so much time that it feels like it takes away from some of the other plans we are trying to put together.  The only reason we’ve been able to do what we do is because I’ve been home with our son; however, as things pick up with business I’m working on it won’t be the same and will be almost impossible to keep up on the scale we’re able to devote now.

We do still need to eat healthy, because our symptoms are not completely gone, but I’m unsure on how to go about doing that without spending so much money on food and without spending so much time.  At times I feel it would be easier to cave to my simple food desires and fast food fantasies.  Yes… I have fast food fantasies, not because of the food itself but because of the easiness of the food—I can be on the run and grab something from McDonalds that costs under $3.00 and when I eat it I’m full and done in 10-15 minutes (you can’t do that when you want to eat healthy).

I still plan on seeing this through—at least until all my symptoms are gone—but there are days that I just want the simplicity and frugality of fast food and easy (mostly premade) food to cook at home (did somebody say Papa Murphy’s?).  I can’t deny the health benefits I’ve felt over the last 80 days, but I also can’t deny the amount of time and work it’s taken to go that long!

Oh… I did try some garlic cloves again this morning—they did not sit very well with my stomach and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it again all throughout the day.

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