Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 76 – The Greatest News Ever!

Ok, so there it’s not really the greatest news and… OK, so it’s not really news at all, but couldn’t think of a better title for today and had to improvise.  I keep hoping for something new or some progress (at least more noticeable—instant—progress) but alas… I guess it’s not meant to be; at least yet!

My wife got up at 5:30am to do Yoga—I had intended to get up with her but my 4 trips to the bathroom last night made me groggier this morning.  It was mostly my fault I got up so many times… I did down about 20 to 30 ounces of water when I took garlic last night about 45 minutes before bed.

Breakfast was our standard steel-cut-oats and our favorite green juice.  We won’t be able to have Cacao Pow for possibly a few more days because our Amazon order of Cacao hasn’t arrived and we just found out today that the companies orders for the day (the company we ordered the Cacao Pow from) were messed up for the day we ordered—we have, however, been assured it’s been corrected and is now on its way.  But, as it is we really only had enough Cacao for one more something (drink, dessert, etc) which we did use tonight in a almond milk, cinnamon, cacao, stevia hot cocoa.

The tough early morning extended to later this morning and I felt groggy throughout the morning.  Mornings had gotten better for a while and while they must still be better than they were, I have a hard time in the mornings.  Lunch was quinoa with onions, salt pepper, lemon juice and green salsa mixed together all over a HUGE spring mix salad—very boring but very good.

We had some friends over tonight and decided to make some spaghetti for them.  Thinking our Gluten Free noodles would be too much for them we made a little batch of the gluten free and a big batch of wheat noodles.  I think only one of the guests actually ate the whole-wheat noodles and everybody else wanted the gluten free—Also, I think she only chose the wheat noodles because she felt bad we cooked them.

They stayed a while to let the kids play and then our boys PASSED out!  Which is always a good thing—I have to say, probably have said it before, that we have GREAT kids when it comes time to go to bed! And most times for that matter

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