Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 79 – Runnin’ Fool

My brother and I trained for the St. George Marathon last year and he has only run one other time since—although I can’t say that like I’m Mr. Wonderful… I’ve only run a hand full of times since.  I called him last night and talked him into going on a run with me at 5:30 this morning.  Very hesitantly he agreed and I called him bright and early.  It took a little coaxing but I finally talked him out of bed—which may have been a good thing because if he had finally said no I may have gone back to bed.

All the research (as well as the program we’ve been doing) says that exercise is a must for a Candida program but I’ve not been very good at being consistent.  It was fairly easy early on as the energy came very quick but as soon as the first set of juice only days hit the exercise almost stopped entirely for me.  My new resolve is to do something every morning—although I will probably take a break from it all on Sundays.

We ran the route I usually run so my brother drove to my house and we walked to the starting point and ran and ran.  When I was running with my brother last year I remember my heart rate always being the one that would go higher.  Mine would hit 180-190 and his would stay at 160-170.  This time it was his heart rate that would jump up to 180-190 and mine—although my strap wasn’t working—didn’t feel like it raised more than about 160 or so.  I kept pushing him along when last year I would have been happy to stop or slow down when he did.

I did, however, finally slow a little toward the end—probably the last ½ mile or so because we do always like to talk and/or rant and rave about the news and the political issues of the day and then give our own biased views to each other, let off some steam and move on!  All in all I went 3.65 miles but my pace was not very good—I didn’t break any of my records or anything.

The food aspect of the whole journey is feeling very old because there has not been a whole lot of branching out so I’ll just say that we did our usual favorites (or other menu items).  I did purchase some Eggies because they looked like a cool little invention—however, I was not as impressed with the actual product as I was about the infomercial associated with it!

I was pretty tired this morning, but worry how I’ll feel tomorrow because the lag in energy after exercise for me usually hits more the day after.  I did feel like I got a lot accomplished today and had a great day overall!

Here’s to hoping I’ll have more exciting news to report tomorrow.  

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