Thursday, April 11, 2013

Days 89 and 90 - Entering an All New Month

Days 89 and 90

Food was our typical on Sunday (cacao pow using instant rolled oats instead of steel-cut because we did sleep in.  However; there was no juice today.  We decided to go Geo-caching with a friend this afternoon and so had a quick HUGE salad lunch and then were off.

It has been since law school that we’ve gone geo-caching… we stayed on a pretty good bike/walking trail so our kids would not have too much problem and they loved it!  I forgot how much doing something so small as a kid can be sooo much fun.  The trail we walked on was one of the “Rails to Trails” program creations so there were a lot of those old train rocks off to the side of the trail.  My 4 year old had a blast kicking rocks off the trail and then when there were no more he could kick off the trail I would throw them onto the trail for him to kick off—he couldn’t get enough and it really tuckered him out.

We drove by about 8 homes this afternoon—since we are going to have to move in about 5 months or so—but there is really nothing that is calling our names.  My little 8 year old is awesome.  He really wants to stay in this area but the area is well out of our price range right now.  He understands that we have to find a house in an area that will work with our budget so he’s decided to pray for us to find the right area and the right home—and he was sure to add that he is praying that it will be in this area.  In a big way I hope his prayer is answered because it would mean that some things have changed for us financially in a very short period of time. ;)

As far as any progress with my candida it’s hard to say where I am or what needs to happen now.  For the last few weeks (and in some ways almost the whole time we’ve bene doing this cleanse) I’ve had pressure in my sinuses that does not want to go away!  It’s a pressure that is hard to describe but I told my wife today that it feels little like something is crawling around in my deep sinuses that are just above the rim of my nose.  She looked at me a little like people look at us now “bat crap crazy…” but I don’t know a better way to describe it.

I’ve done some searching online and have found some people who say you can actually get parasites in your nose but others who say that when they told their doctor this they thought they were crazy and ought to go see a shrink.  I don’t know what—if anything—is stuck in my nose, I just know there is a pressure that won’t quite go away and I would like it to be gone.  Deep down I believe (and hope) that it is progress that continues as I continue to cleanse my body… afterall… it’s only been about 3 months of extremely clean eating and many people say it takes at least 3 months or as many as 6 or longer to get rid of all the symptoms.

Here’s hopin’ for more!

Day 90

I did it again!  I got up very early and ran.  5:40am I was at my starting point and off.  It did feel a little slower and more difficult than it did when I ran on Saturday (my best run yet) and when I was done it was confirmed.  This morning it was very dark and I couldn’t see my time as well as I could on Saturday so I only ran and really didn’t track my speed while I ran.  The problem with is that my running is so sporadic—I have no sense of how fast or slow I’m going sometimes.  It can feel like I’m running 8 minute miles or better and when I look down at my watch I’m doing 10 minute miles.

When this happens while I see my watch I pick things up because I know I’m capable of much faster.  Well.. when I couldn’t read my watch this morning I had to go on how I felt.  I still did pretty good though—I think 8:45 minute miles (compared to my 8:16 on Saturday) but it still frustrate me a bit.  Getting up that early in the morning lets you get quite a bit done.  I actually started some steel-cut-oats before I left so they would be done when I got home from my run.  I had our juice ready (green drink with lemon, lime, romaine, spinach, ginger, cucumber and celery) and also our cacao-pow with steel-cut-oats as the base (OUR MOST FAVORITE TREAT AND BREAKFAST!).  My wife even got to work by about 7:45am which I think really helped her.

Morning was tough.. I keep waiting for my sinuses to clear but they don’t.  I mentioned that it feels like something crawling around in my sinuses but I thought of another way to describe it as well.  If you’ve ever been swimming and gotten water up your nose there is a feeling—at least with me—that inevitably comes as my sinuses try to clear (similar to the ears popping with driving up a canyon) my nose just feels like water needs to drain and then finally does to GREAT relief.  Well… the feeling I feel in my sinuses is similar to that except the drainage never comes—I wait… and wait… and wait… and wait… hoping beyond hope that it will clear but NO.

I tried a nasal rinse tonight that was a little strange.  I figure if there is something living up there—which I’m not convinced of—then it wouldn’t hurt to add a little something to the neti-pot mixture (not probiotics though).  I added some apple cider vinegar (about 2 teaspoons full).  As I flushed it through my ears I felt a burn that was a burn above all other burns.  It actually made my eyes water!... which I knew it would do I just don’t think I was as prepared as I needed to be fore it (it burned! And I’m not convinced it did much more than has already happened).  I want progress to proceed again! And may be willing to try a few stupid things to make this happen (I’m just not sure I’ll recommend any copycats out there, YIKES!).

Lunch was a HUGE salad with quinoa and then dinner was spaghetti (still one of our favorite meals).  Things are still saying as they’ve been (no better, no worse) but I’m ready for things to get better again.  However; I do need to say that I recognize my anxiety and other issues still feeling much better!

And... now I am almost caught up!

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