Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 81 – The Devil is in the Details

Another Saturday come and gone but I didn’t get a chance to run today.  My wife needed the run more today than I did and she went out at about 7:00 this morning, but our day was so busy that we needed to get going after she got home so we could make it to an Easter Egg Hunt. 

We decided that today would be a little cheat day.  My 8 year old has a friend that is moving to Texas and today they are having a lot of their friends meet them at a local pizzeria for a good by party—we decided we wanted to go but didn’t want to sit there and just have our kids eat pizza so we checked out the menu and found out they have a gluten free menu.  It seemed like a good day to try quite a few other items but still leave gluten out of our diet.  Especially since we have an idea of how gluten affects us already.

Well… the Easter Egg hunt went great!  All I can say is it was the best 30 second Easter Egg Hunt ever!  Although I think the term ‘hunt’ is a little misleading since it is really not a hunt at all but rather a mad dash to the Easter eggs and is a little reminiscent of the old school game dodge ball where the bigger stronger kids run all over the littler kids.  My kid is small but I’m not complaining about him getting run-over, he does seem to hold his own—especially when in a contest such as a hunt—but he is a little sensitive about getting enough Easter eggs which he didn’t feel like he did today.

The pizzeria was GREAT!  It was the first time since the end of last year that I’ve had anything like pizza—and although it was gluten free it was wonderful.  It took a little bit of time to make the pizza but it was worth the wait.  They also had some gluten free pasta which was good to but I noticed something today about the marinara sauce that I had forgot about.  As soon as we put it in our mouth you could taste the added sugar on it.  My wife told me she could taste it before I tried it but when I tried mine I was sure that mine had more than hers did.

I had her try it and she said it had the same—“WOW” I thought, “this is what we looked at as normal for all those years.”  When I used to make marinara sauce at home we would just by the Prego or Ragu and then add all sorts of things to the mix (including added brown sugar, which we thought made it awesome).  Honestly… I like our natural marinara sauce and a lot of our natural foods much better than I like the other foods!

However; the most interesting thing happened with my wife while she had a conversation with one of our friends friends there.  We’ve long thought that Teflon pans are not good for you—even though we do still cook on one—but have not been too worried because it is fairly new and we will get rid of it long before flaking.  But… according to this lady there is Teflon that is in the bag material microwave popcorn is in and you ingest a ton of it into your diet.  We did look up some info and there is stuff out there that confirms this idea, although I’m not sure on the accuracy of the sites or where they get their information.  I wonder how many other people out there have heard or know about this as an issue?  This is where the devil is in the details.  This site also claims that the Teflon is found in the wrappers used in fast food restaurants to wrap hamburgers and other goodies in!  YIKES! If this is true…

Dinner was leftovers—since we didn’t want to stretch this into another day and since my wife went to dinner and a movie with her mom and a friend last night (The Host) which they liked a whole lot!  I also had some ice-cream tonight but did watch the amount I ate (a full serving is about ½ a cup and I had about ¼ of a cup).  So far I don’t feel so bad but we’ll have to see what tomorrow brings!

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