Wednesday, January 16, 2013

20 years of being sick is enough!

I am a late 30’s, married, young father attorney with a lot of great and interesting experiences under my belt.  I’ve been married to a wonderful lady for going on 10 years and have 2 amazing sons who are the highlight of my life and a big reason for trying to take the steps I am taking now.  While there are many experiences I plan to talk about on this blog I will start by saying that I have literally searched for almost 20 years to find something that helps with some or all of the symptoms I lived with for the last 20 years or more.

I probably don’t have to tell most of you that there is almost nothing worse than feeling like something is awry in your body only to have doctor after doctor tell you that everything checks out:  “All tests come back normal…” but let me give you this drug or try this drug or go see this specialist.  Early on in this journey I was very hopeful that the help would come—I remember in my early 20’s the doctors thought it might just be anxiety, so out come the prescription pads and in to my body went the pills (paxil, wellbutrin, Inderal among others) with little if any success.

During this time I have also experienced what feels like blocked sinuses and extreme pressure deep in my head—although I can breathe (or at least move air through my nasal passages and into my lungs) it does not feel like I can take the deep breaths that I should be able to take unless I breathe through my mouth.    Along with this I have had ear pain and ringing in my ears (three tones actually… I’ve recently counted) for as long as I can remember.

For those who have seen the Hunger Games movie, there is a scene in there where the main character experiences ringing in her ears—when I saw this with my wife I actually didn’t know for a few seconds that the ringing I was hearing was not the ringing coming from my ears.  I leaned over to my wife and said: “you can hear this ringing to right?”  That tone they play in the movie is one of the exact tones I hear all the time.  I have, for the most part, learned to live with it (as many do) for a long time, but in the recent years and especially within the last year the pain and discomfort and severity of the symptoms have only worsened—I WANT TO BE DONE!

Along with these symptoms I also experience lethargy, extreme fatigue and depression as well as other symptoms.  After years of searching and searching I may have finally found the answer.  My wife have—within the last few years—begun to slowly change our diet from what can only be described as McDonald’s lovin French fry cravin to vegetable lovin whole grains ravin.  However; we have not been completely converted and have never given up everything a lot of whole foods plant based diet people do.

I took a simple test, which came back positive—so my wife and I decided to test a diet that is suppose to help cure this ‘little’ sickness up and help me feel better than I have felt in years.  Today begins the first day of a 45 to 60 day “cleanse” which includes a period of preparing the body, cleansing the body, and then maintaining the body.  Here is to the next 60 days—if this does not work then I am nearly convinced that NOTHING will EVER WORK.  So here’s to our little experiment working… please!?!? 

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