Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 12 - Smooth Sailing?

Another Sunday, but nothing really exciting to report other than it was another good day—perhaps not as good as yesterday, but good nonetheless.  I feel like I don't even need to mention our breakfast since it is really the same every single day:  steel cut oats with cinnamon, almond milk and stevia.  Juice was lemon, ginger, celery, cucumber, romaine lettuce and water.

I did get very tired for about 20 minutes this morning, but it was gone for until early this afternoon.  We had leftovers but nothing past 2 days—didn't want to push the three day rule.  We also had some of the leftover cake my wife cooked for her birthday (again… another example of how bad of a husband I am—my wife baked her own cake!).  Another Sunday afternoon nap; although this time we did not set an alarm and let our two kids play on the iPads—we ended up sleeping for about 3 hours.  It felt nice but now we don't feel much like going to bed—instead we decided to watch Mission impossible Ghost protocol—very good movie.

We made turkey meatballs for dinner, which called for 4 egg whites.  Since we are only suppose to have 2 eggs a week we decided to try to substitute the eggs.  Pulled out the Blend Tec and went to town—used the smoothie setting to mix water and chia seeds.  The consistency was like egg and the final product tasted divine; ingredients: Ground Turkey, green onions, our nice fake egg mixture and garlic—salt and pepper to taste.

Again—the energy was not as great as yesterday but still good—the cloudiness was not as bad today.  I studied some scriptures to be ready for a lesson I would be teaching in Sunday school (I’ll blame the procrastination on the candida ;) ) today and was able to focus in on what I was reading when a lot of times my mind would wander and I would lose focus.  This is starting to get good!

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