Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 4 - My poor body

Today was a good day with little areas of drag during the day.  Woke up to 2 very bright-eyed boys turning on the bedroom lights and jumping in our beds at 6:15am this morning.  I’m not sure why the sudden change from closer to 7:00am to now closer to 6:00am… hopefully it’s not a new trend for them.  We did have 8 new inches of snow so I had to go snow blow the driveway again—however; the snow was much more powdery than yesterday and was easier to snow blow.

Anyway… breakfast consisted of the great standby steel cut oats with almond milk and sprinkled with cinnamon.  We changed up the green drink a tiny bit by adding parsley; making the concoction Parsley, celery, lime (and lemon this time), ginger, romaine, cucumber and spinach mixed with water.  The good news is we picked up some kale and collard greens so our juices for the next couple days may have a little more variety.

The snow was still falling this morning—although not as heavy as it was last night—and the roads were awful driving around town trying to get everything done we needed to get done and I’m sorry to say that from a story perspective the day was rather uneventful; however, from a candida perspective it was very exciting.  My sinuses continue to get better and in fact, during the night last night my ears made a sound similar to popping (although not as loud) and then I felt the sensation of something almost draining letting me breath even better than I have before.

The symptoms to keep getting better and it gives me hope for what lies ahead—feeling better than I have in years.  But… my wife had an awful day; perhaps her worst yet.  During the cleansing process people generally experience what are called “health crisis” days.  Essentially what that means is people will start to experience symptoms that resemble the cold or the flu, or may even experience symptoms from previous problems they have had in the past.  Each health crisis generally does not last very long—usually can be up to a few hours at a time for each problem, but the body can display different problems in different ways at any time so it can be rough.

This morning my wife woke up with a sty in her eye—she’s had these before and they are really extremely painful and usually will stick around for longer than a day.  Needless to say she was very worried about the sty in her eye.  Well… a few hours after waking up and feeling like her eye was going to explode the sty was gone (looks like that crisis stuck right to a couple of hours).  Unfortunately that is not the only thing she has dealt with today.  As part of the healing crisis the body will, or at least can, become extremely tired, which is what happened to her.  Well she needed some rest and my brother called inviting us to go sledding so I decided I would take the boys with their cousins and go sledding.

To save time we decided to eat some of the leftover tomato basil soup from last night.  Although we are generally good at and with eating leftovers we have to be extra sensitive right now.  You see, we don’t mind eating leftovers that are up to 1 week old, but I do have my limits and they don’t go beyond that so on the 8th day the leftovers are gone.  However; with this cleanse program we admonished not to eat any leftovers that are over 3 days old.  Evidently the idea is that food begins to grow mold on it after that amount of time.  I had not considered that before because I do throw food out if it goes moldy even if it had not been my standard “over 7 days.”  But, as it seems, mold can begin to grow and you don’t even know it.  Since candida thrives on mold that’s why there is the 3 day rule—which, considering the existence of unseen mold, I may stick to anyway after the diet is done.

Anyway… back to the sledding story—since our time in school our boys have not been able to do a lot of sledding and in fact this may have been the first time for both of them (on a good size sled hill anyway, not just in our yard or somewhere else smaller).  My 8 year old is fine and rearing to go, but my 4 year old is not so brave.  Well… they both got a little braver today!

The kids sliding next to us on the hill had been creating a good size jump on their hill—not monstrous, but good enough to get some air when you go off it.  My 8 year old decided he would like to try his luck on that hill so I thought a moment and decided to let him try.  I was already at the bottom of the hill so I pulled my phone out to start recording his grand feat.  I no sooner got the camera going when I caught film of his cousin going down the trail just before him.  She is about his same age and pretty daring herself.

I didn’t know what to expect, but filmed as I watched helplessly.  I’m not sure she had been on a jump before and this one (in hindsight) had a pretty good lip on it to launch the rider a little further into the air.  Well, she was sitting on the tube and got to the lip, as she cleared the crest she proceeded to do a full back flip and started heading to the ground head-first.  I watched as she hit what I initially thought was her head—she would later tell me she didn’t get hurt because she landed on her face—and then began yelling at my son to not go down the hill, I stopped recording and ran up the hill just fast enough to catch him about 10 feet from the jump.  He was not too happy with me, but I was glad to have my son alive.  I’ll have to make it up to him by taking him again and letting him hit a good jump.

I thought our kids would be finished before I was (it was 15 degrees outside), but they both loved it so much they didn’t want to go home.  My 4 year old went from closing his eyes and cringing with me on the tube to going by himself and not wanting me to even sit on the tube with him.  I was so excited about his progress that I called his mom to tell her on the way home what he had done—he was quick to point out (calling from the back seat) that I had also gone down the hill by myself.  I love those kids!

We had my wife’s parents over for dinner tonight so we decided to go all out for them.  Initially we thought this would be very hard to do, but it turns out you can still have great varieties and great tasting food while on a candida diet.  I stopped by the store to grab the rice noodles and a few other things.  My kids by this point were done—it’s amazing how quickly they change their tune going from not wanting to stop hiking up a hill to ride a sled down to their legs being ready to fall off because they are “so tired” as my future Oscar winner 4 year old loves to say.

Dinner was AWESOME!  We had a coconut soup, which included some coconut milk, chicken, cilantro, salt, pepper and other seasoning and of course rice noodles and sliced ginger.  This is typically one of our favorite soups, but when you cook it to be candida diet friendly there are a few things you are forced to leave out, such as the chicken bullion or as we like to use (better than bullion).  While I was at the store with my little actors earlier tonight I was able to find a vegetable base that did not include sugar—I had no idea it would be so difficult to find a base that didn’t have any sugar but evidently it is, even on the health food isle.

Along with the coconut soup we had a brussel sprouts and avocado dish which included the brussel sprouts seasoned to perfection (since my wife began cooking the meal before I got home I’m not sure about everything that was in this, but it was delectable as well).  After the concoction is cooked you add diced avocado pieces and then let the whole mixture warm before serving it.  We did add the salad with cucumbers and peppers mixed in with the rest of dinner with awesome lemon as a dressing.

Our first real treat also came tonight.  My wife’s mother has been the one helping us with the hers and other items we need to complete the whole candida cleanse and she brought some meal replacement (snacks) for us to try, we mixed a chocolate one which used stevia for the sweetener.  Now I have never been and may never be a real big fan of stevia—I really see almost no difference (at least to the way they taste and make me feel) to artificial sweeteners.

I know, I know, there are those who probably adamantly disagree with me, but I stand by my feelings on this one—I think there is something about stevia that doesn’t seem natural and I won’t be at all surprised if science finds out some day that it is actually bad for you.  Notwithstanding, the chocolate mix, ice and almond milk mixed in a blender was to die for.  I fee like we deceived our bodies—my mouth was receiving those happy sweet feelings and passing the signals on to my body to expect the affects of sugar, but they never came.  My poor body…

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