Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 11 - Great Games--Old Flames

There is some light at the end of the tunnel!!  At least it feels like that today.  This has been the best day of the process so far—and especially since I stopped taking any medication.  We were able to sleep in until about 7:00am, our little boys actually woke us up.  My oldest son was worried because my wife was still in bed with me and he expected her to be gone running so we could make her breakfast in bed for her birthday.  I assured him she would be leaving soon enough and we would be able to have our fun getting her birthday ready.

What a slow morning, we took our time getting going, sang happy birthday to my wife and then frantically made her her "favorite" breakfast while she ran.  I do have to say that I think—and others will agree—that my wife is crazy.  It was 13 degrees this morning and she had 6 miles to run; although last week I think it was 3 degrees and she ran 8!... YIKES.  We had a blast coloring birthday cards for her and getting her steel cut oats and green lemonade—along with the cards and her birthday present up on our bed so she could still have breakfast "in bed."

We barely got everything ready when my wife opened the garage so we hurried up into our bedroom so we could wait for her to find us and then yell surprise.  My 4 year old had no interest in yelling surprise but wanted to roar like a lion instead—it was great and a big success which I knew because my wife had a huge smile on her face.

Breakfast for me was the same as for my wife—oats and our favorite green drink: celery, cucumber, ginger, kale and distilled water.  Since we have introduced stevia into our dessert diet we thought it appropriate to try it on our oats—still not a huge fan of stevia, but I liked it enough that I may try it again.  At least it gives a little sweetness to our lives if nothing else.

The morning went quick, tried to clean up a bit with our boys and then off to a local arcade so we could have a great time playing arcades for a nickel or two each.  I feel like I need to be clear here that it was my wife's idea to go to the arcade—I really wanted to take her and the boys sledding, but she is not a huge fan of the extreme cold unless it involves running, so she won and after lunch we were off (I do have to be fair that since we have two boys she wanted to try to do something they—along with her—would all enjoy).  Lunch was great—we had quinoa with green onions, carrots and peas seasoned with the typical lemon, basil, sea salt and olive oil; which was all put over a huge bed of spring mix salad—mmm mmm mmm it was VERY GOOD!

The arcade was really fun, but it was funny we pulled into the arcade which is in a slightly rougher area of town (the hood as my wife joked—although I'm pretty sure it is not really the hood).  With her comment in mind my eye was drawn to a girl carrying a young baby across the parking lot—as I watched I thought "this area can't be too bad... that girl is carrying a baby."  As I parked I looked up and noticed the "girl" was somebody I knew—my wife said it first... "Hey, I think that's Carol your ex-girlfriend."  As she said that I knew for sure—it was Carol there with what must have been her fairly new baby.

My wife and I have always been up front with each other and so as we were dating and first married we talked about our past relationships so it was no surprise my wife recognized my ex-girlfriend and she seemed fine with it.  I was not the one who was fine with it though—at least for a brief moment I felt a little bit of anxiety creep up on me.  Now it must have been a 5 years or more since I last saw Carol and I thought it silly that I began to feel nervous.  But as quickly as the nerves set in they were gone and we were off with our boys to have a blast.

I did run into Carol inside who said hi when she saw me—we exchanged chit-chat, simple pleasantries and then wished each other well.  That was it—no additional nervousness, no trying to out do each other with what we were up to, just a nice hello and good-bye which is the way I think it should be.  While I have a story I could tell with all the girls I dated—Carol included—we both have gone on to live our separate ways and both seem to be very happy doing it.  I felt like I had to point out to my wife on our way home that she was the one who wanted to go to the arcade—which was a whole lot of fun by the way.  I think she gave me a sly look, we held hands and kept on driving home—It does help me realize how much I love my wife—she is great.

Dinner was great—for my wife's birthday dinner she chose (based on the necessity of our diet of course) chicken cooked in green onions, olive oil, basil and of course sea salt—along with assorted vegetables which tonight meant kale, carrots and of course the green onions.  All this was served with or over quinoa, depending on how you liked it.  We had my in-laws over so my mother-in-law could watch our kids after dinner while we went to see Les Miserables.

In my opinion one of THE BEST MOVIES of all time.  I love the play and have had the chance to see it in production, but the movie helped to clear some of the story up in my head—not having seen the play for 15 years may have something to do with it as well.  I was a little worried because it seems you either love the  movie or hate it, but in this case both my wife and I LOVE IT and were reminded how big of babies we are (it brought us both to tears).  I do love the line "to love another person is to see the face of God."  WOW!  good good good!

Some of you may be wondering what we did about having a cake for my wife's birthday... well don't worry about that my wife had that covered.  While I was frantically making her birthday dinner she found a recipe for a cake and frosting that works with the candida diet.  The caked included almond flour, carrot tailings (from juicing), walnut, coconut oil and 2 eggs mixed with baking soda and baking powder.  She even found a frosting recipe that works with it: coconut milk, cashews, lemon juice and lemon zest and of stevia to help with sweetness (stevia was also in the cake).  Good Good Good

The only thing about les miserables is that it is a fairly long movie—it is late and time for bed!  Good night (since this is the up of the roller coaster we'll see if tomorrow changes, but it really has been the best day yet!

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