Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 7 - On top of a roller coaster hill

Such a good day… although didn’t start out that way.  Mornings have always been difficult for me and this morning was no exception.  My wife has been a morning person pretty much her whole life so when she has to get up, or rather, wants to get up at 5:00am to exercise she gets up and exercises.  I have a small battle every morning.  I always go to bed the night before with all the energy in the world and every intention of waking up early—thinking: “it will be easy.”

Well, it has yet to be real easy and unless I am getting up to specifically go somewhere or to exercise with my wife then my pillow wins out most of the time.  Since we can’t leave our kids home alone my wife leaves the house to go running at least every other day.  I did get up with her and then as she left I could hear my pillow calling to me—it seemed so real—so I laid back down in bed at about 5:15am and decided to close my eyes (only for a minute) about one hour later I was tackled by two boys—so much for exercise early this morning, time to make two hungry boys breakfast.

Breakfast was—of course—steel cut oats and juice, which included: lemon juice, spinach, kale, ginger, celery and of course distilled water.  We also took our 30 pills (or however many they are), which are part of the candida program we are using (Mlis).  However; we had a treat… each of us enjoyed one of our two eggs we can currently have during a one week period cooked in coconut oil (probably the most versatile oil on the planet) mmmmmmmmm.

I got a lot more energy during the morning and felt guilty for not exercising earlier so I spent some time with Tony doing a P90X session—he and I are becoming pretty good friends now… but even though it seems like he’s talking to me through the TV he never answers my questions or gives me five or punches my knuckle like he does with his other friends in the video, but I still hang with him sometimes.  It always feels better after exercising and I felt better.

Lunch was rushed today because I had to get my son to school and didn’t realize that time had gone so fast—being hit with a surge of energy I was able to get quite a bit done.  Well; with about 25 minutes to get him there I had to get something down my stomach so I did a quick meal mix and had a few vegetables—I am getting too use to these meal mixes, not sure what I will do when the tub of mix is gone since the stuff is fairly pricey.

Very productive afternoon, felt like I had a ton of energy and also felt like there was more movement in my sinuses and head.  There was a slight scare today however… nothing big or real scary, but… well let me explain.  Beginning this program we talked with my wife’s mom and watched a webinar with her that explained a little bit about the program, like what foods you can eat and what foods you can’t.  You can’t have dairy, but can have ‘legal dairy’—up until today we were under the impression that we could eat “legal” dairy right now (after all it is called ‘legal dairy’ right?).

Unfortunately for us my mother-in-law found out today that we should not even be having the legal dairy right now.  We had purchased some cottage cheese  (one of the legal dairy products) to take with us to my mom’s birthday party, just in case there were snacks there we couldn’t eat (besides the cake;) ) and we felt snackish.  Although we didn’t eat the cottage cheese I had taken one bite before heading to their house so there was a chance we would have to start this whole program again.  Fortunately in our situation it appears we are clear to continue the program as before.

Dinner: Fish cooked in—of course—lemon juice, olive oil, basil, oregano, sea salt and sautéed green onions.  We mixed this with a medley of vegetables—cooked in a splash of olive oil—which included: broccoli, red cabbage, onions and peppers sprinkled with lemon juice and sea salt.  We are also beginning to develop a favorite dessert: chocolate meal mix from Mlis mixed with almond milk and ice blended, but we added something that makes it even better.

My wife’s birthday is coming up and she decided—on one of our Costco runs today—that she wanted a Blend Tec.  We must have talked about getting a vitamix or a blend tec for one year or more but just haven’t done it.  We borrowed a vitamix from my sister for a few days a while back and liked it, but wasn’t in love with the bulkiness of the device.  We opted for the blend tec strictly because of the look (didn’t look like something my mom would have bought in the 70’s).

Anyway… as soon as the boys were in bed, which thankfully is generally pretty early, we ripped the packaging open and went to town.  Mixed all our ingredients in the blender tonight and our drink is better than ever, so smooth including the crushed ice, this may become a nightly thing since it is soooo good.  Definitely a fan of the Blend Tec—at least for the time we have used it.  We thought it would help us on our journey to better health and hopefully help with the candida issue.

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