Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 10 - Crash and Burn

Yesterday night got crazy and by the time I was in bed I realized I hadn’t posted my entry yet, so here is the post for yesterday.

Today was another hard day... I'm not sure how long it will take to come off of the vyvanse, but I can't wait until it happens—this is enough!  I'm sure some may think I am crazy for going off it cold turkey and to be honest I had not intended to do it, but I thought it may be better to take a few crappy days so I can get to better days (or at least that is what my logic tells me—which I am willing to admit may be WAY OFF).

We decided it would be a good day to sleep in until about 6:20am which felt very nice.  We had a late night last night with my son chipping his tooth and then turning blue while crying about it.  I half expected him to sleep in until 7:00am or later—but who am I kidding; he is—after all—my boy and I should know he rarely sleeps in—he was up by 6:45am.  I was so tired and worn out today I actually started our steel cut oats and then laid on the sofa in our little Kitchen sitting area and was almost asleep when my son called my name.

The morning seemed to drag—I keep waiting for my energy to pick back up, like it has before when doing a juice cleanse, but it never came and to be honest it is extremely frustrating!  I keep hoping for the change, I notice glimpses of what I think is coming and then NOTHING!  Lunch was a quinoa vegetable medley over salad—very good and a much better dressing than lemon juice along.  Don't get me wrong, I love lemon juice, but it doesn't always help with some of the very bitter leaves you find in spring mix.

I ALMOST FORGOT what happened next, or this evening rather.  We decided we would try to have a spaghetti dinner, one of our favorite dinners for a long time.  We had already picked up some brown rice pasta, but needed some tomatoes (fresh so we don't eat the citric acid found in canned tomatoes).  Yes, citric acid is OK in lemon or lime, but evidently the citric acid in most canned items is actually derived from yeast so it is something we cannot have.

We had to hurry and get our boys some food because our oldest had karate tonight--my wife and I ate the lunch leftovers so we wouldn't starve, but all I could think about the whole time we were at karate was coming home and having our spaghetti.  We did get some ground turkey (which is legal), sent our kids to bed and then cooked our spaghetti.  I have not felt this full IN A LONG TIME—I actually had a rough time with the bloated feeling I had.  Although the food we ate was "allowed" I know for sure I ate too much—I should have taken a picture of my plate because it was SOOOOO FULL.

Of course we had to have our favorite dessert, which we scarfed down—nothing has changed as it has been—for the most part—in previous posts and it was still great.  It did seem like my energy picked up a little more tonight but to be honest I am ready for bed!

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