Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 14 – Kids say the darndest things

Sorry, as I was going to post tonight I noticed that I didn't post for yesterday--it only showed up as a draft, so here is yesterdays post

2 weeks down and only 6 more to go (or I guess more?!?).  My son had a Doctors appointment this morning about 22-30 miles away so we had to get out the door by 7:15am.  This is no easy task—for as long as I can remember I have been a night person.  In high school I would put off a big art assignment or report until the last night before it was due and then stay up all night barely getting 1-2 hours of sleep.  This even carried over into college (at least undergrad) where I remember one semester writing 90 pages worth of papers in about 4-5 days, but it was also the semester I got a 4.0… go figure.

In law school I read an article about procrastinators and learned something interesting, but I don’t remember the source (sorry).  There are those who are procrastinators—which I have long believed I am the worst kind—and then there are those who are incubators.  The difference is a procrastinator puts something off and then turns in or finishes crappy work.  An incubator on the other hand is somebody who constantly thinks about what they are trying to do and—although they put off completing it until the last minute—then turn in good work or good product.  It totally explains me… and all this time I thought the obsessive thinking and worrying about something was just being paranoid or some sort of OCD… who knew?

Breakfast had to be quick—we had our standard steel cut oats and green lemonade: celery, cucumber, romaine (which by the way is the most roughage feeling (tasting) romaine I have ever had), lime, carrot (just a little bit).  The doctors visit was interesting.  While there the doctor asked me a question about whether I had some of the same symptoms as a child as my 8 year old son does.  I told him I did to which my 8 year old quickly replied: “it must be genetic.”  The doctor took a pause and replied to my son: “how do you know what genetics are?”

My son is amazing—the other day he asked me if there was a way to store in “infinite amount of items in a space.”  I thought for a minute and replied: “yes… it’s called the universe.”  He laughed and said: “DAD?!?!?... you know what I mean!”  I asked what he wanted to store and he told me “cars.”  A discussions about black holes ensued, and how they would store a lot, but it may be hard to retrieve them.  A few minutes later I could still see him thinking when he whispered to himself: “I wonder how small a black hole can get.”  This is of course the same child that once asked where God lived before the universe was created… you’ve got to love him and all his questions—I hope he never stops asking them!

My son also had a dentist appointment today to check on a chipped tooth from a few days ago—he was so excited to get his Otis Spunkmeyer cookie at the end of the session.  Not sure if our dentist is just being polite or if he is ensuring continued business?  The assistant asked if I wanted one, when I refused she pushed a little and said: “sure you do.”  I assured her that I would LOVE one, but that I can’t right now—she didn’t press further.  However, it was very difficult to have both my boys eating cookies.  I held my 4 year olds cookie while he got in his seat belt—after I gave it back I gave my hands a good sniff to take it all in.  I couldn’t help but wonder what an outside observer would have thought if the only thing they saw me do was sniff my fingers… “WHAT A FREAK!”

I have also had a major headache most of the day and I don’t know why—I suspect it has something to do with not getting enough water, but I can’t be sure.  I would say it could be the no meat in the diet, but it was just last night when we had meat and I’ve gone much longer without meat before and am sure I’ve gone at least that long during this cleanse.  I’m now getting ready to go to bed and while the headache has diminished it is still there and very annoying.  It feels like I am weaning off of caffeine or some other medicine, but I have not taken ANY medicine since one week ago today—only the herbs that are provided by Mlis.

Lunch was just leftovers from last night minus the meat put over quinoa.  Dinner was spaghetti mixed in the blend tec with spinach and kale—it turned the sauce green which about scared our kids away from trying it, but once they did they were OK (it still tasted great), we just had to give it a good name.  I guess my 8 year old pictures methane gas as green so he wanted to call it methane spaghetti.

My 8 year old also received his bobcat award in cub-scouts tonight—we are so proud of him for working hard and earning his first award as quickly as he did.  We decided to sit in the sauna tonight—something we have not done for a few nights, but something that seems to help dramatically.  Hopefully this headache will be gone tomorrow!

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