Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 3 - let the good times snow blow

5 o’clock came very early; yes that is correct, 5 o’clock!!!  My wife and I got up to do a P90X workout.  As I looked outside I noticed we had been dumped on over night.  Well… we weren’t sure if they would close the schools so our driveway had to be cleared by 7:30 or so.  Sorry Tony, but your great workout is going to have to wait!  With the kids still very asleep I went outside and started the snow blower.  Yes we do have a snow blower—well it is actually not ours, but belongs to the lady we are renting from.  Started it and went to town.  I think there were places on the driveway that were close to 2 feet of snow; the poor snow blower had problems making it through ;-).

The really tough stuff was at the end of the driveway where the snowplow leaves a huge mess.  This brings up a little rant of mine for today—why does the snow plow have to do one swipe down the other side of the street and two swipes down our side, which means we get all the snow from the middle of the street as well as that from our side piled in front of our driveway.  I wouldn’t complain so much except I thought about it today and I think every house I have lived in since being a little boy happened to be on the two-swipe side of the street.  This may—in some crazy irrational way—explain why I also do very well at picking the absolute slowest checkout lane at the grocery store or the slowest lane on the freeway every time (just something to ponder).

Well after just 2 hours of snow blowing—the driveway and walks, as well as the path for the mailman—the snow blowing was complete.  School ended up getting canceled today so we really didn’t have to leave too early.  Now I thought this might be all the snow blowing I would need to do, but then remembered that my in-laws would need their driveway done as well.  I did eat breakfast first because I was famished and needed something—standby steel cut oats along with a juice, but this morning we thought we would go a little crazy and added one egg.  While we did cook the egg in a little olive oil I am pretty sure that this time I really did use the oil sparingly (and for those wondering if eggs are OK to eat on this candida diet, well yes, right now we can have up to 2 eggs per week—yeee-haaaa).

Every other time this year I have shoveled to help them dig out, which is good exercise, but takes a very long time.  Well if it took me two hours to snow blow my driveway and walks I knew it would take a heck of a lot longer to shovel theirs.  I had to get the snow blower in the old minivan and take it over.  If found two stray pieces of wood I was pretty sure would work and hold the weight of the snow blower, got the back opened, wood propped up against the back, put the snow blower in gear and then slowly began to climb the wood.  The book was holding but barely.  As I got to the top of the “ramp” I stopped paying attention to the wood and started trying to make sure it was going to go into the van OK.  I had no sooner done this when the wood collapsed below me—thank goodness the wheels had just caught on the end of the bumper and I was able to get it in.

My father-in-law had already shoveled about half of the entry and had finished about 1/3 of the driveway.  We made short work of the rest—about one hour to finish up.  As he helped me load the snow blower back into the van we backed up to his driveway which is a hill so we could have a less steep incline into the van.  We thought it was a good idea until we positioned the snow blower just above the ramp and then turned down toward it.  It immediately began to slide smashing against the ramp and almost taking out my father-in-law.  I’m pretty sure he thought I did it on purpose, but I’m telling you that is not the case. ;)  We did finally get the snow blower back into the minivan and made it home, but it made me wonder how I ever got it into the van by myself in the first place. 

Lunch was another salad with avocado, nothing special there—I still like the salad with fresh lime as a dressing, but this is only the third day.  After an afternoon getting to a meeting after navigating the still snowy (and snowing) roads and getting home we had a great dinner of tomato basil soup.  This included fresh tomatoes, fresh carrots, basil, salt and thyme and some unsweetened almond milk—YUM!  Kids got up early today (6:00am), so we put them to bed just after 7:00pm hoping they would go to sleep.  Well it is 8:30pm now and they are both sound asleep and have been for about 1 hour.

As far as the way I feel today it was OK this morning while I was busy working on the walks, but during the middle part of the day it was harder.  Up until this morning I felt like something was happening in my sinuses but this morning—into this afternoon—I didn’t feel it.  It almost felt like I was taking a step backwards.  I had been also using an essential oil from doTerra for tinnitus and wondered if that had been helping me.  I didn’t use it as much last night and think that had something to do with it, so I began to use it regularly today (although it is possible it is all in my head).  Well later this afternoon I began to feel action in the sinuses again.  Really tired tonight at dinner time and even now before going to bed but I still am hopeful things are improving.  Tomorrow is another day!

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