Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 16 – Ladies and Gentlemen… Start Your Lemons

Today was the beginning of the actual body cleanse.  So far we have just been getting our bodies ready for this point in the program.  The good thing about the next three days is that the food is very easy to prepare.  The bad thing is the food is actually a drink mixture, which includes: Freshly squeezed lemon juice and real (no sugar added) maple syrup mixed with distilled water… It sounds very refreshing and satisfying doesn’t it?

I had a very good day overall.  I was a little sluggish this morning, but by this afternoon I had a lot of energy (amazing that you can feel this way drinking only the homemade lemonade concoction).  I know this generally happens during the cleanse, but I was surprised it seems to have happened so quickly for me—makes me afraid of what may lie ahead of my tomorrow.  My poor wife was not so lucky today; she got really sick or she is going through a healing crisis, we are not sure which one.

She woke up this morning feeling a little warm, but we couldn’t be sure because we didn’t take her temperature.  She did go to work and then talked about feeling worse throughout the day.  After I finally did get her home—which was a chore I’ll talk about in a minute—we did take her temperature and it was 101.8!  The reason we believe this could be a healing crisis is that about 12 years ago she got ecoli really bad while serving as a missionary in Argentina—which she said made her VERY VERY sick.  If it is not a healing crisis it may be the flu; we’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow holds.

The ride home was as interesting as a few weeks ago, the roads were really icy and we were trying to make it up the back way—seemed to go fine, we didn’t really slip at all, until the main hill before getting to our street.  As we climbed we stopped dead in our tracks.  I thought it would be a good idea to keep the car in drive to help slow us down as we went down the hill… unfortunately this turned out to be a poor decision and we ended up in a snow-bank and were very very stuck.

I decided to visit a home and ask for a shovel—the home owner seemed happy to help and gave me one.  In the mean time another car drove past our van and got stuck; for a minute it looked as if he was about the make the same mistake we had just made.  Lucky for us his wife had just done the same thing a little farther down the hill, so he waited there.  About 4 guys pushed our van—as I gunned it—out of our predicament.  We went the long way around home—similar to a few weeks ago—and then stopped at the top of a little hill right before our home.

I had to move some garbage cans from our driveway so we could get in.  As soon as I opened the door and took a step on the road I slid on 2 feet about 30 feet down the hill and then smacked right into the snow bank in our front yard—thank goodness a neighbor helped me clear some of the ice into our driveway and we made it home.  My poor wife is now asleep trying to rest.  We have heard that hot tubs are good for colds and flus so we are going to pay ours a little visit tomorrow.

Awesome day for me!  Even more going on with my sinuses and ears—hopefully relief from the ringing is coming soon!!  I can only hope my wife’s sickness right now—for her sake—is a healing crisis and not anything more serious (I guess—for selfish reasons—I hope it for my sake as well because I don’t want to get sick).

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