Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 19 – Know when to Hold Em; Know when to Fold Em!

Awesome day—mostly… We decided to extend our juice fast into today because I was feeling so good.  The mixture was much more bitter thought—we’re not sure if the drink was just finally getting to us or if the batch of lemons we used were not good.  Church was great—as always—or at least as well as it can be with an 8 and a 4 year old helping to draw away your attention.

It began snowing today—and actually snowed about 2-3 inches in 45 minutes.  I stopped at a friend’s house with my son at about 2:00pm and when we left at 2:40 we could barley make it up the hill.  I went down to the church to help shovel the walks so they would be ready for the last congregation to let out.  All these storms are making me miss my 4X4 more and more—I can’t remember if I mentioned in an earlier post that we sold it in December to help with some expenses and have yet to get another vehicle.  I hope I don’t have to wait too long for my 4X4!

My wife has had such a hard time through this cleanse.  On my way home she called me and wondered where I was and I could tell she was a little bugged that it had taken so long to get home—I didn’t know she was having such a rough time today.  Her fever is getting better but she is still running a 100-101 degree temperature.  It is possible it is the flu, but none of us (my two boys nor I) have any flu symptoms, so we are pointing to something else.

Part of the cleansing mentality (and this goes for any reason you do a juice/body cleanse) is that you step back through your sicknesses you had when you were young—It does make me a little worried about what may be coming my way, but my poor wife had Ecoli a number years ago while she was serving as a missionary in Argentina.  We talked about that and she started to remember that it affected her for 6 months while she was out—which she had forgotten about because she only remembered a couple of days she stayed in bed sick.  She worked through her sickness mostly—even having some other missionaries hold her hair up while she vomited.  She is a work horse!!  Our thought is this may be her body working back through that terrible sickness which means the best is yet to come if that is true!!

My wife was feeling so horrible when I got home that she really seemed ready to quit and was almost crying—it made me feel so bad for her.  We decided to stop the juice and make a soup in our blend tec (included distilled water, 1 garlic clove, some spinach, kale, celery, and a very under ripe avocado, mixed with some basil and sea salt).  Now the program says we are suppose to have raw vegetables before cooking them, but the blend tec actually doesn’t cook the food just heat it to 115 degrees, so we thought it would be OK.  Well… my body got a shock—within 10 minutes it felt like I was taking huge steps back.

I was ready to quit the diet right then and there; I could only imagine what my sweatie is going through.  We pulled out some spring mix and snacked on it while watching a show on our computer—it did the trick and I pulled out of my very tiny funk.  I must be the biggest wimp out there, whining about how I feel when it doesn’t even seem to come close to how my wife feels; I’ll have to make it up to her some how…

Still snowing quite a bit and I am on deck to be responsible—along with some other members of our congregation—to make sure the walks at the church stay clear (as possible) throughout the week; with as much snow as we may get this week it looks like I am in for a treat!

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