Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 42 – Time to Begin Anew… Almost

Today is the last day of the easy logging (as far as food is concerned) and then it is time to begin anew—finding out what foods may be affecting me/us that is.  During the last few days I’ve had a few hard days but today has been a really good day of progress and feeling better (although it didn’t start out that way).  I figure there is something I’m eating that is affecting me and I’m not sure what it is.  As I reintroduce foods into my diet again I need to pay attention again to the things that may affect me.

Well food—same as yesterday—our lovely lemon, pure maple syrup and distilled water drink along with a crap load of additional water (over 100 ounces in all).  But this morning was a little rough—I could not get warm!  Usually it is my wife who is complaining about being too cold all the time, but since we have started this cleanse I have really had a harder time keeping warm—even my core body temperature has gone down by about 1 degree.

But with this my Blood pressure has also gone down.  I have—for a number of years—been borderline high blood pressure (usually about 139 over 95 or something similar).  I took my pressure yesterday and I was 93 over 79 I think.  For having lower blood pressure I will take being a little colder any day—I suppose what it means is that I will have to wear a jacket more often than I have had to before.

Anyway… the shivering I felt in the morning also almost felt like me getting sick which I don’t want to have happen—my wife has had such a great cleanse this time while mine has not been that great, I just want to both feel good at the same time.  The feeling went away by mid-afternoon and it has been a great day—physical symptom speaking—since then.  

We both have energy and I am ready to try the cleanse for another day but my wife is worried, and I don’t blame her, since I am down to my low weight tonight and will plan on falling just below tomorrow morning so I probably can’t afford to cleanse again.  For those of you doing this program before you lost the weight I envy you because it would have been easier on me if I had begun this while I still had the weight I needed to and wanted to lose!

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