Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 20 – Smoothie Sailing!

A very good, but very busy day, even for my wife, although her day was not as good as either of us was hoping.  Had to clear the driveway of snow this morning so I set the alarm for 6:00am; however, we were awaken by the sound of a little boy coughing and the sound that all parents fear—it sounded like he couldn’t breath!  I looked at him and his breaths seem real labored (this is our 8 year old by the way) but his lips weren’t turning blue.  Still, I was ready to load him in the minivan and muscle through the 12 new inches of snow to take him to the hospital or call an ambulance.

As I talked to my wife about my son not being able to breath he looked at me and said: “no dad, I can breath find through my nose… see!”  He then took a deep breath through his nose.  I made him do that a few times just to make sure he was OK and then decided I would clear the driveway while he laid by my wife.  As I was getting ready to clear snow he gave the best description of how he was feeling “it feels like my brains are going to fall out of my head.”  I had to laugh just a little bit and then explain that I wasn’t laughing about how he felt but just at his awesome description.

Breakfast was a hybrid juice, smoothie—our first “official” day of being on a raw vegetable diet; not a great juice but not too bad: Romaine, cucumber, lemon, spinach, kale, and some distilled water.  Pretty rough going down, I am really missing our steel cut oats and almond milk.  We can start steel cuts tomorrow, but we are unsure on the almond milk so we are going to hold off on adding that for a day or so.

Dropped my wife at school and then set up a doctor appointment for my son.  He was not too happy about missing school though (a few tears were shed—a LOT actually).  This was going to be the first day in his advanced placement class that they were going to do science and he loves science.  I will have to tell a story about him at some point (or a few; he is as smart as they com—not sure where he gets it from), but will save those for another time.  I will say that I once asked him if he got smart from mom or dad and he said neither—“I believe it came from one of my ancestors.” (What 8 year old talks like that! —my wife and I had to laugh).

I felt some lingering affects of the soup I shocked my body with last night, but felt much better as the day went on and actually had a really good day—energy is still good, maybe not as good as when I was cleansing, but doing well nonetheless.  Lunch was a salad with some lemon juice on it—still have to stay raw so it is a little rough.  Dinner was another salad—my wife feels very depleted and has had a big problem coming off the cleanse so lunch and dinner were harder on her than on me.  We’ll need to start packing on the calories soon or we are going to waste away!

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