Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 27 – Upchuck Champion

My 8 year old son—who rarely ever gets sick—decided he would like to be sick for a second Monday in a row.  Well… actually I can’t say he wanted to be sick because today is the day he is suppose to go with his advanced placement group of friends and work on science (his absolute favorite subject in the universe).  He was not happy that he would have to stay home.

It started last night at about 1:00am (or technically 12:58am as he would tell you) when he came up to our bedroom saying he had just thrown up.  I was ready to have to go to his room and clean up a huge mess, but instead he said he had made it to the bathroom and just wanted to take a bowl back with him to bed in case he needed to throw up again.

And throw up again he did at about 3:57 am (although my wife and I had no idea because this time he chose not to wake us.  He seemed very excited about displaying his handy work this morning though when he brought the huge salad bowl into the kitchen to show me—I about lost it (stomach wise, not getting mad at him) and told him just to take it to the bathroom.

At this point is when we had to tell him he would not be going to school today and the river of tears began to flow and didn’t stop for about 1 hour—he was insistent that he needed to go to school (and to cub-scouts later tonight), but as the day went on he changed his tune.  With both our boys we really do know when they are not feeling well. And with my 8 year old (or my 4 year old for that matter) if they willingly go lay in their bed without being asked to do so you know something is wrong.

He is a little trooper though—he decided he wanted to try some left over pizza for lunch so I heated it up and let him try it.  It appeared as though he would be able to keep it down and I even said something to him about keeping it down.  Well a few minutes later I hear the all too familiar sound of very heavy labored heaving.  This little 8 year old seemed like he was just going to lose the entire contents of his whole body not just his stomach.

I didn’t know what to say so I tried to lighten the mood by saying: “looks like you lost your pizza.”  In between his violent heaves he said—in the most calm voice you could imagine—“yeah” and then went right back to his violent heaves.  I’m a little worried because I am feeling and have been feeling a bit nauseous all day, but have yet to deal with any signs of throwing up—I’ll hope this continues through tomorrow and I make it without getting as sick as my little boy.

Other than feeling nauseated for most of the day today was a good day—and was also a pretty good day for my wife, who had her second (mostly good day) which I hope continues for her sake and for mine.  I do feel like I’ve possibly hit another plateau and am trying to decide if it could be something that has been added to my diet, but I can’t think of anything.  I suppose it’s possible it is just my back—which is still soar from all the shoveling I did last week—and that I am now possibly getting sick.

Good day for food—our standard morning was green drink: cucumber, romaine, lemon, ginger, spinach and didn’t need to add any water because there was plenty.  Lunch was lemon herb chicken with onions and black beans sautéed in coconut oil and some butter along with some basil, lemon juice and of course sea salt—all topped over a HUGE spring mix salad.

I also had a shake during the day: almond milk, avocado, a couple of scoops of the M’Lis instant drink (chocolate) a little bit of stevia and some ice.  I was STUFFED and actually worry I may be stretching my stomach too far out.  Dinner was spaghetti with turkey meatballs.  My wife worked on these while I ran to Costco to get a few things and to exchange our Blendtec, which had given us a few problems, but no problem just to pick up a new one—I just hope it doesn’t have problems too.

My brother came over for a little while tonight and found out about our cleanse.  He didn’t really say much or even give us a hard time, but I could almost see the look in his eye—the look I would have given even 2 years ago: whispered “bat crap crazy.”  Over all a good day—I am feeling more achy right now and have a little bit of a sickly feeling so… cross your fingers!

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