Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 39 – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

That is a little how I feel right now.  I don’t know that I’ve ever watched the whole movie through, but it is an old Jack Nicolson movie from the mid 1970’s—I really don’t even remember much about that time since I was just a wee little one at that time, but I’m pretty sure it’s about a guy in a nut house who is either pretending to or is going crazy—that is how my wife and I feel at times and how we are sure a lot of people see us everyday.

My wife went with some roommates (old college roommates) for a little reunion—she talked to all of them about what we are dealing with and I think she got the “bat crap crazy” whisper vibe from most of them.  While they were eating a pregnant friend of hers said something like: “ooh, I feel like a jelly donut right now… don’t you?”  When she told me about that I wasn’t sure if she was just being pregnant or if she was implicitly giving my wife a hard time—her friend had the perfect out because she is pregnant and has all those types of cravings anyway.  She still had a great time.

A pretty good day for me today, but a better day for my wife—it’s funny still that we have switched places and I am feeling worse while she is feeling better.  I analyzed my mid-way point about a week ago and felt really, really good; but what’s funny is the progress of my wife is made more and more clear.  She is as even keeled as they come but there are times where her emotions typically get the better of her.

I keep waiting for one of those moments to come and it doesn’t.  As we were reviewing progress today with a checklist we filled out at the beginning my wife got to mood and anxiety and mentioned that she felt much better (I sure mentioned she was doing better), but she had only written down a 3 out of 10 possible from before.  When I saw that I opened my big mouth and said something like: “Oh sweetie, you were probably an 8 or 9 before beginning this (not having seen what she had written down at the beginning).

I thought for sure one of the swings would come for sure after that comment but it didn’t and in fact she let it blow over as I was almost sweating bullets just for thinking the thought let alone sharing it with her.  While I feel like I have slid back downhill a little in the last few days after looking at the list of symptoms and rating them I still feel like I am doing much better and know my wife is doing much better for sure.

The day was pretty good—we had to cut out all dairy about 7 days ago and cut out all meats the other day and are getting ready to start the cleanse tomorrow.  The cleanse being our favorite mixture of pure maple syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice (again… pure) and distilled water—and we do this for at least 3 days!  I’m hoping that I have as much energy as last time and that my wife feels the benefits this time too.

Breakfast was steel-cut oats with stevia and cinnamon as well as our loaded green drink—since we are cleansing tomorrow I had a lot of kale and spinach to juice, which together is really strong stuff!  I also added a lot of ginger and lemon mixed with lime juice, celery, a ton of romaine lettuce but no distilled water—there was plenty without adding any water.

My wife was gone with her roomies for a while so it was out on the town with my boys—trip to Costco for a couple bags of lemons and then onto a local supermarket to check out the deals, lunch was a medley of the vegetables that are left—kale, green onion, spinach and celery cooked in coconut oil, lemon juice, basil and sea salt.  All this was mixed with black beans and then put over a good amount of quinoa—very very good!

More errands and then dinner: Rest of the vegetables same as lunch but we added red, yellow and orange peppers and then mixed the quinoa with the food with all the same spices but no black beans.  We had our Cacao-Pow—since we make it slightly different each time I will say we used: avocado, almond milk, cacao powder, maca root powder, hemp hearts, one scoop of the M’Lis Powder and what was left of our stevia—guess we’ll be picking up some more before the cleanse is done!

Sat in the sauna for the first time in almost 1 week—I think we hesitated a little after seeing our last month power bill which was very high for the area and for us, but we’ve decided the sauna is worth the cost for now, it seems to help!

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