Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 34 – Having a lot of Energy is Really Exhausting!

Today was an extremely busy day, but a good one.  My wife and I decided to make the Cacao-Pow for breakfast this morning along with our drink (standard), which was very quick and good.  The day started off early and tired—partially because I couldn’t get to sleep until 1:00am this morning due to the wandering of my mind.  Even the wandering of the mind though is feeling differently than it usually has.

Usually when my mind wanders at night there is no rhyme or reason to the thoughts that come, when they come in or what order the come in.  However; last night I felt like I was thinking very clearly about specific ideas I have for businesses and how to start to even do some consulting work as an attorney (although I’m not sure I want to practice law full time I do think it would be a good idea to do some consulting work so I can bring in some money while the business start-up is lean and dry).  So even the wandering nature of my mind feels more crisp and clear.

I went to talk to my sister this morning.  Last night my wife told me I needed to call her, but I didn’t and when we were getting ready to go to bed (at close to 11:00pm) she asked if I had and when I said no she wanted me to promise to talk to her today.  When I went over there she was getting ready to take a nap—keep in mind that this is about 8:30am and she hasn’t been awake for that long.  I gave her a big hug and told her that my wife wanted me to see her and she cried a little.

As it turns out she was having an extremely difficult day yesterday and really did need to have the hug and have somebody to talk to.  She probably has the same thing I do and I talked to her about everything I’m doing and how I’m feeling.  She is so worried about me going “extreme” which to me is such a funny term.  “Moderation in all things” is one of the first things she said.  I kind of snapped back (although very gently) and asked if we were to separate the ingredients in a ton of the foods we eat today and line them up whether it would be moderation?

She agreed it wouldn’t be but still is worried about me going extreme.  We talked at length about the progress I’ve made and that she would probably make the same progress if she has the same thing I do. When I asked whether she would do it if she knew it would relieve all her symptoms she actually looked me in the eye and said: “I don’t know.”

What do you mean you don’t know?  I know what point I was at with my symptoms and hers are worse than mine ever were.  I was to a point where I would be willing to have some marine life urine squirt up my nose or some poop cocktail that I would have to eat every day if I knew it was guaranteed to relieve all the symptoms I was feeling.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to resort to that and that I found the diet plan I am on now because I do think it is doing the job.

I got a call from an old friend as I was leaving who wanted to talk about some business ideas I have—he has had his own business ideas for a long time and is running his own business.  We did talk over the phone later this afternoon; as it turns out his business has taken a bit of a hit in current market changes and he is looking to expand.  He has interest in helping with an app idea I have, but we still need to get together to discuss any details and funding, etc. etc.

Lunch was at a fast food restaurant (for the sake of my 4 year old), the only thing they had there that I knew I was safe eating was a side salad, which actually consisted mostly of ice-burg lettuce (which is the most nutrient deficient lettuce out there) and a coupe of tomatoes.  I was still so hungry when I left that I had to go home and cook me an egg to tied me over.

Dinner was AWESOME!! We had some spaghetti with ground turkey meatballs mmm mmm mmm.  It was good stuff (as always when we have spaghetti for dinner I ate too much).  We had a family night tonight that included a trip to Trader Joes (our first time there).  We went with a 20.00 gift card my wife got from a friend at school, but left spending about 50.00 beyond the gift card (yikes! They are almost as bad as Costco).

We found some salsa that does not have vinegar and only has natural ingredients so naturally we had to try it when we got home.  We even found some chips that may be OK, although we are not sure the oil in them is OK, all the other ingredients are fine.  It was good stuff, but it made for a very late night.

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