Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 41 – Heheheheheheee Wipe Oooout!

Another simple day for a food journal—our nice drink I mentioned yesterday as well as all the water we have to drink during the day; yum, yum, yum!  Since this was Presidents Day my wife didn’t have to work so we stayed home and straightened up the house a bit and then took our kids to a Mexican Grill.  I didn’t realize how much I liked Costa Vida (Mexican Grill), but as our kids were sitting there eating their quesadilla kids meal I found myself wanting nothing more than a sweet pork or chicken burrito from Costa Vida.

It was one of the restaurants we liked to splurge on and go to a couple times a year—they have this great lime ranch dressing that is just awesome on salads, but alas… all the goods at Costa Vida are out of the picture indefinitely and I’m not sure they will ever be back.  But, if today’s craving is any indication then I will definitely be back at least for a test of the affects on my body!

My wife is still doing much better this time than last, but I’m not doing as well as last time.  My theory is that I noticed a lot of progress at first because it was such great relief, but as I get further into the process the symptoms left are just being stubborn and annoying so I notice them more—time will tell.

I mentioned last night that I tried coconut oil to brush my teeth; we did find and try an idea—mixing coconut oil with baking soda.  While making it I had the “brilliant” thought that I would try to make it the consistency of toothpaste so I took the melted coconut oil and started mixing baking soda.  I finally got the consistency and was so excited to try brushing that I didn’t even taste the final product… YUCK! I thought I was going to throw-up it was like brushing my teeth with seawater.

We did tone the mixture down a bit by adding a scoop of it to about 3 more tablespoons of coconut oil, it was still a little rough, but for now we are officially making our own toothpaste—yep bat-crap-crazy!  Tomorrow is the last day of the juice cleanse and I don’t think I will go over 3 days… my weight is just too low.

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