Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 24 – Another Problem?

My ‘cheat’ may have been confirmed during the night with 4 trips to the bathroom—I hadn’t had to go that many times in one night since early on in this program or before it began.  There was another potential realization today.  Chocolate is one item we cannot have during the program, we’ve assumed that it is because of the sugar that would be added to the chocolate so pure cocoa powder would be fine.

This seemed especially likely given one of the drinks from the M’Lis company is a chocolate drink.  Well… while looking at the ingredients today I could not see any cocoa listed which makes me think it is NOT OK!  We’ve decided to knock out the cocoa for the remainder of the program.

I was a little more tired this morning, but my back hurt more than anything—but I know this is not from anything to do with candida but rather to do with the shoveling I’ve been doing for 4 out of the last 5 days.  Thank goodness the rest of the week seems to be clear in the forecast so I should not have to shovel anymore.

Breakfast was our green drink: lemon, cucumber, celery, ginger, spinach and distilled water.  Lunch was leftovers from last night which I added some water to make it more like a soup which really helped the texture.  While eating the food last night my wife said she liked it while my son was animatedly against the taste and gagged it down.  This morning the true feelings came out when I asked if she was going to take leftovers for lunch and I got a very nasty stare and a “no thank you look.”  So much for honesty at dinner time. :)

I felt more action in my sinuses and nose today and I can’t tell if it is because of the cheat day yesterday or if it was more progress—I’ve decided that it may not be progress but it’s definitely not regression either since I still feel just as good—the same can’t be said of my wife though.

She has not had one whole good day during this process—she’s been more sick than well and had less energy than more.  I wish I could explain it, but am at a loss of words.  I know she doesn’t mean to, but it seems she is taking her frustration out on me which I think she is holding inside more than letting go.  I’ve got to help her figure this out; otherwise we are going to end up with an emotional explosion on our hands—I hope her GREAT day is coming soon or an OH GREAT day is coming soon!

Dinner was spaghetti with sausage again, which is quickly becoming a favorite.  It is spaghetti sauce made from real tomatoes fried to an orange sauce perfection with onions, spices (additions of my wifes) and onions all topped over brown rice noodles (gluten free of course)—MMMMM MMMMM GOOD!

Short entry tonight we need some sleep!

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