Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 26 – Heart Breaker!

Good Sunday—pretty much slept the whole night; I think I only got up once to go to the bathroom and I think I could have made it longer, I just felt like I was already up so I decided to rid myself of an uncomfortable feeling.  Our kids have decided that it is much better waking up at 6:15am; which is generally not a problem, but when it is a day you can sleep in at least a little bit we really don’t like to see them in our room until 7:00am.

This has not always been a big problem.  Our oldest has never really pushed the boundaries when it comes to sleeping and when to get up.  He was such a wiggly kid when he was younger and we were so worried that the day we went to a toddler bed he would be all over us at 6:00am, but what we found is that he would not even get out of his toddler bed unless we went in to get him, even though we never told him he had to stay in bed.

This ended with our youngest was old enough to figure out he could get out of bed himself, since he is one that tests boundaries.  To give you an example—abut a year ago our then 7 year old came to my wife to ask if he could have a cookie.  She said that would be fine and they went to find them in the kitchen.  She found them in the hands of our then 3 year old who had climbed to wherever they were and helped himself to a pleasant treat.

The tenancy to wait is still in our 8 year old, so he has a little game he likes to play.  If he wakes up first and wants to get out of bed he just wakes his little brother up and then sends him up to our room, then dutifully follows behind him.  He is always so surprised when we figure out that’s what he’s done (he can’t ever hide a guilty look on his face).  Our 4 year old, on the other hand, can look us in the eye when we’ve asked him if he’s gone potty or if he’s brushed his teeth and say Uh Huh, with almost no hint of guile—SCARY!

So… I made today’s breakfast interesting, kind of a hybrid smoothie, juice which I added stevia to—and didn’t tell my wife what I was doing.  She said she did notice it was sweeter, but didn’t place it.  We also had our favorite morning classic (steel cut oats with almond milk [NO SUGAR] and stevia.

Church was good but not much exciting that happened—although with Valentines day coming up we did have a discussion about how to do nice things for your wife.  I won’t be at all surprised if more than half of the men in the class today use the same idea and the women catch wind of it later—hopefully there won’t be any repercussions…

Lunch was quinoa mixed with black beans and then lemon herb chicken bits—it’s been a little bit since I’ve seasoned chicken with lemon juice and was reminded today how GREAT it is!!! MMMM MMMM MMMM.  Great Sunday afternoon nap and then we tried to bring back a tradition we have been neglecting.

We use to have what we call Sunday waffle night where we would make waffles and top them with syrup, or whip cream and some fruit along with bacon or sausages.  Well this really hasn’t worked well with our diet, but when our 8 year old asked about waffle Sunday today my wife decided to so some searching and found a recipe online that had the waffles made that could be converted to candida friendly.  We have some gluten free flour that also doesn’t have any ingredients we need to stay clear of, mixed with a few eggs and a chia seed mix made in our blendtec which mimics eggs a little bit (or at least acts as a binder similar to eggs) made with just water and chia seeds mixed on high in our blendtec.  They were actually very good.

As far as my wife goes, things were slightly better today—I think she has just been having a rough time and hasn’t known how to feel about all the adjustments—especially the rough days.  We talked and decided that this cleanse is also a time we can “cleanse” our attitudes and we’ll focus on the good we notice (even though it is not ALL good).

Now I need to make a confession.  When I first approached my wife about creating a blog she was worried that I would not follow through, but I think I was more worried that I wouldn’t.  So to alleviate this problem and to be sure I did follow through, I decided to write the blog every night for a week and then post a week behind, so that is what I’ve been doing—which really works because it is still new information I’m posting every day.

The problem with this—and it is something I didn’t consider until I was writing about today—is that certain events happen on certain days and there is no real way to include them as part of the experience without mentioning them… Well needless to say, today was actually the Superbowl—well as you are reading this post last week was actually the Superbowl.

Generally in a cleanse log it may not be important to talk about the specifics of a day since you are really focused on what you are eating and the way you feel, which is part of the reason I didn’t worry about it.  Well… when some of the progress and changes you notice every day include these events it is hard to leave them out.

Today—for instance—I decided to watch the superbowl (go niners) and had a blast with my 4 year old who has LOVED all sports since he was 2 years old (or at least loves watching them and has even been known to kick a soccer ball around a field now and then.  (I’ll attach a video of him when he was 2 years old that we think is pretty fun).

I mention the superbowl because some of the changes that have been happening I noticed while watching.  For those who watched the game you know it was pretty intense toward the end.  Part of the reason I don’t like watching sports is I usually get EXTREEMELY worked up when my team is not doing so well to the point where I have a slight anxiety attack with the full on shaking (which I cannot control).

Well… while watching the superbowl today I noticed that—while I did get worked up and excieted—I didn’t shake near as bad as I usually would and didn’t feel the rush of anxiety I usually would as well.  Holy-cow—that right there means a lot to me and just know that it is BIG, even if some of you are snickering about it.  Now just enjoy the little video of our Timornado!

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