Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 32 – Sweethearts Run Baby Run

Today was an awesome day—yesterday our 8 year old son decided he wanted to run a race we were scheduled to run today so we told him would register him this morning.  At first I was just going to have him follow me while I pushed our 4 year old in the stroller but he wanted a finishers medal so we signed him up!  We didn’t know it would be 40 bucks but had already told him he would do it so we flipped the bill and let him do it.

It was awesome—my wife came in 4th place in her age group (it was first recorded as 3rd place but we later realized the race software mixed up her and the 3rd place finisher so she was actually 4th place (still great!).  The best part about the race was that our little man not only finished the race but also did it in 36 minutes—or as he would say, 36 minutes and 5 seconds (that’s an 11:38 pace!).  It was so AWESOME about 1 mile left he told me: “all I want more than anything in the whole world is to stop running right now” and then started to cry a little.

I told him that sometimes that’s all we want to do is stop when things get hard but those are the times we just have to keep going—with the people around us cheering him on we kept jogging and he didn’t stop the whole rung (except to take a drink at the water station about half way through.  GO LITTLE MAN!... just look at his excitement!

Since we had the race we made sure to cook our steel cut oats by thermos—which we haven’t done since last summer.  It is perhaps the best way to cook them they are so soft and just good.   You add 3 ½ cups of boiling water with 1 cup steel cut oats in a thermos the night before and when you wake up in the morning they are still warm and ready to serve!  Since the race didn’t start until 9:00am we also ate eggs and toast—MMM MMM MMM.

For lunch after the run we had a Cacao Pow! (a new drink we would like to coin the phrase to—although I would be surprised if it wasn’t coined somewhere all ready). It is very easy to make (steel cut oats—left over from breakfast—almond milk: about 20 ounces, 2 tablespoons of cacao powder a scoop of M’Lis meal replacement and stevia).

O baby We think we likey!

The busy day continued into this afternoon—It did finally start snowing (which it was forecasted to do earlier in the day, but held off for our race).  The afternoon consisted of a really good thorough cleaning of our house which included a heavy duty clean out of our boys toy room where my 8 year old keeps the items in his “lab” as he calls it—which really consists of a bunch of rocks and other medals he collects strewn around in one corner of the room on top of his desk (or little mini card table for children we got last year for Easter).

We had scheduled a dinner with some friend and a few of their children a while ago and had them come over tonight.  Although they wanted to bring something we quickly put a kibosh on that and really suggest others do the same as well (it is hard to expect people to cater to all the nuisances of our eating habits right now and is just so much easier for us to deal with it.  We were very nervous because we didn’t know whether they would like the food and dessert we planned.

We did a roasted chicken seasoned with—of course—lemon juice, basil and sea salt (but no garlic—frown—since my friends wife has an aversion to it).  It is a good thing I asked because my wife and I are garlic fiends and would have lathered the whole meal with it if we thought it would be OK.  We also had some mixed vegetable medley, a huge green salad and quinoa.

It seemed to be a big success—at least if going back for seconds and not begging to leave (or coming up with a reason to do so) is any indication.  Dessert was our cacao drink (not really the pow) because we just had the almond milk, cacao powder, stevia and ice.  This again went over really well—I didn’t realize this but my friend is on a diet where he is counting calories and we figured that the drink we made probably had under 200 calories for each of us, perhaps as low as 150, which kicks the pants off of any good dessert you could get at a restaurant (and it was great).

We had a great night of Mexican train (dominos) while the kiddos played in the toy room—we all imagined a huge mess when we were done, but really didn’t have to clean much up at all—it was nice of our children to play so cleanly together—just a fun, fun night which my wife and I haven’t had with friends over for a long long time.

Good times!

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