Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 25 – Down and Out

Morning was early and rough, my back is really hurting me—I’m sure it is mostly from straining it while shoveling snow 4 days this week, shouldn’t complain too much though I’m still doing better than my wife.  Breakfast was a green smoothie with all our favorite green drink vegies: cucumber, ginger, lemon juice, a little bit of spinach and some celery, but I added an avocado to try to smooth things up—and of course some distilled water.  We’re deciding more and more that we like the green drinks better than the green smoothies—the smoothies are so much rougher.

Morning was difficult with my back hurting; we went to Home Depot for our kids to do some projects—I wanted to stay home and lay in bed, but I could tell my wife was in no mood to take the boys alone so I went along—we had a great time, and ran into some people we know.  Made a quick trip to Wal-Mart to grab some vegies and necessities—decided to have black beans and quinoa over salad for lunch—started some kale bean soup for dinner and then hit the hay.

I must have slept for 4 extra hours today—I started feeing nauseated and felt like it was stemming from the hurt area in my back.  This hurt and the nausea also seemed to extend up to my kidneys, which I really didn’t realize may have been affected by my shoveling snow, but it feels so much like they are.  We didn’t go any where tonight, but just decided to stay home and have dinner; Kale Bean Soup: black beans, kale, onions, garlic, tomatoes and some seasonings—all mixed with some distilled water instead of broth, which didn’t taste as good at first, but got a little bit better.

We started to work on our taxes tonight—not great night since it seems we are going to get back a lot less than we originally anticipated—it seems that last year was better because we made quite a bit less money so we received more credits than we will this year—motivation to make less so we can get more back from the government, although I would rather try to make a lot more and pay more.

In more “my health” related news, I had to get up 4 times to go to the bathroom again last night—if it is all from that one cheat then I’m pretty sure cheating won’t be worth it, but either way I want to figure it out so I can go all night without getting up again!  My energy seems OK, but I really can’t test it much with my back feeling the way it is, we are suppose to run a 5K next weekend, but I’m not sure how that will work for me in my current predicament.

My wife is still struggling and seems down—she has not had many of the benefits she/we have been expecting and really seems to be affected by it.  She is not a fan of the program we are on since she has not reaped the benefits and also feels like the direction given by M’Lis is less than complete—always wondering about what foods to eat and what foods not to eat, but never really getting a straight answer one way or another.  For example; we are suppose to stay away from gluten, but some recipes call for whole wheat flour or we can have cracked wheat—which I assumed had gluten in it.

Anyway… I REALLY need her to feel some of the same benefits I’ve felt over the last month, I really want my sweatie back and she feels distant right now.

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