Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 28 – My Wife can See Clearly Now

Finally a mostly good day for my wife—and I would venture to say that it was all good.  After 28 days of the cleanse she finally caught a break and has felt great all day.  One more day of dealing with a sick 8 year old though—he didn’t really act sick but we wanted to give him at least 24 hours since throwing up before deciding he was OK to go back to school.  He is soooooo excited to be back to school tomorrow, he can’t wait.

Breakfast was steel cut oats and a juice: standard cucumber, romaine, lemon, kale, spinach and celery (no ginger, ran out).  Lunch was the leftover spaghetti from last night (mmmm  mmmm  mmmm).  I may have mentioned that I think I’ve hit a plateau and am unsure as to the reason—I suspected the tomatoes we’ve been eating in all the spaghetti sauce we’ve had in the last week.  But, I’ve decided it just may be the healing my body is going through and also the possibility that my body is focusing so much energy on digesting the HUGE amount of food I’m eating that it isn’t focusing so much on healing.  Kind of a double-edged sword though since I need to gain some weight before the next juice cleanse but unsure how to go about it.

I made a crock-pot dinner for tonight that I thought was going to be awesome.  Quinoa (raw) along with brown rice with water, seasoning, vegetables and some tilapia and chicken tenders.  BAD IDEA!!! NEVER cook quinoa in a slow cooker with anything—all it does is suck the juices from the meats you have in there and then end up a soggy mess, feeling more like baby food than a meal.  While it was edible (or at least we did eat it) we didn’t really keep the leftovers—consider it LESSON LEARNED!

It’s funny my wife has a great day during a time when I am having more difficult days—we never can seem to have a great day at the same time.  Today was also a difficult craving day, I’ve been craving the awesome tasting food that is not good for you and have been craving salsa and chips all night; I’ve decided I can’t wait until they can be back on the diet so I can figure out how they’re going to affect me.

My wife and I have been into a TV show called Burn Notice—not one that I was initially interested in watching but my wife got me going on it and for the last 6 months or so we have been catching up on the seasons and am now on the last/most recent season (about midway through).  We really like the show overall, but initially had a hard time picturing Michael Weston as anybody other than the “Vince” character from the movie “Hitch.”  For those who love Michael Weston and have seen the movie Hitch you may understand and for those of you who don’t I don’t know what to say.

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