Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 38 – Huked on Probonics Werked fer Me!

I think there may be something else that is affecting me because I have struggled more the last few days.  I am excited for the lemon juice cleanse coming up in a few days so I can reset my body and introduce things again to see what affects me and what doesn’t.  Even as I write my posts they feel a tad more boring to me so sorry if they are boring to anybody reading them—I imagine they will get better.

I do have to tell a small story about my 8 year old.  He as playing with a straw at the table (one of those twirly straws everyone of us has had or tried as a kid).  Generally this wouldn’t be a big problem or bother me too much but he does tend to make a pretty big mess when there are any liquids and something that resembles a straw laying around for him to use.  I asked him to stop blowing through the straw… he did it again, so I asked him again to stop… after the 3rd time he tested me, which he shouldn’t do if I’m in a terrible mood.

I took the straw from him and told him that it would go in the garbage—all the tears came out and the screaming started, my wife ran from getting ready upstairs because she thought he had just broken his neck or something.  While I was explaining to him the reason I took it away (it’s that you chose not to listen not what you were doing with the straw).  He snapped back: “Oh, I guess if I’m playing with YOUR iPad and don’t listen then you’ll just have to throw that away huh!”

Needless to say I was not in a very good mood—and while I give him a ‘A’ in clever thinking (or at least good argument) I was still not too happy with the bit of sassiness coming from my 8 year old.  I don’t know that I would still be alive if I had even thought about saying something like that to my dad, but I guess I am dealing with an eight year old (and a very logical one at that), so I will live with it.

Another quick morning of juice (our standard—I did buy ginger, but forgot to ad it).  Also had Cacao-Pow but this time mixed steel cut oats and quinoa together—mmm mmm mmm.  I also ate the left-over ahi tuna topped with some green (vinegar free) salsa from Trader Joes and then made some eggs to mix some of the quinoa left over from our Cacao-Pow.  More sluggish this morning and trying to get our taxes completed so I was running around later this morning and then realized that I had scheduled lunch with my wife today so quickly mixed the quinoa and the steel cut oats with beans, put a huge spring mix salad together and headed to her work.

We had a great lunch and you wouldn’t have known it only took me about 5 minutes to throw lunch together.  A great day to be outside (not very warm, but clear), so I took my 4 year old with me to wash and vacuum the van—he was not too happy about sitting in the van for the 30 minutes it took to do both; I even had a hard time getting him to watch any type of video.  Running late this afternoon picking my wife up from work and my son has karate at 6:15pm

We made it home by about 5:45pm—threw a ton of stuff together (for dinner): quinoa; medley of vegetables including: green onions, collard greens, kale, spinach all fried in coconut oil and lemon juice mixed with sea salt and basil [OF COURSE], eggs and black beans.  Still a huge fan of the yolk of the egg mixing with the quinoa.

Anyway… we made it to karate by about 6:25pm, so late, but for coming in the door less than 45 minutes before—cooking dinner, getting ready to leave and then making it to karate as quickly as we did… got to say, it was great time!

My mother-in-law came over tonight for some help with her Amazon “prime-time” account (as she calls it).  I need to make a post here for all the Euphemisms of my mother-in-law.  She is so much—in that way—like Victoria from Raising Hope, not saying things the right way.  For instance she calls the probiotics we take for our cleanse probonics (huked on probonics werked fer me!).  She also calls a Nissan Altima an “ultima” and tonight she referred to her Amazon Prime account as Amazon Prime Time.  Good stuff… she joked later about being at our house on a Friday night so I told her: “It’s OK this is actually how we dream about spending our date nights”—not sure if her laugh was a courtesy laugh, a cautious laugh or an I will kill you someday laugh?

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