Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 33 – More and More Clear!

Another great day of relief.  My sinuses are still back and forth, but I’ve felt action in there for the last 3 days and it’s good.  It’s kind of hard to explain some of these symptoms but I thought it might be worth me trying to do it the best I can.  It feels like a small man is standing on the bridge of my nose and moving the pressure of his body weight from one foot to the other and continuing to do this—almost like a pump trying to get something to come out.

While this is happening occasionally what looks like straight water will come out my nose—it’s not a lot, but it’s enough to feel like something is happening.  Other times there seems to be more mucus in the back of my throat that I have to clear, which again is not a ton, but it happens enough times a day that I feel like it is something good.

The only way I can describe my mood is happy.  When I was taking some medications it is a feeling that I would feel on occasion, but it’s not the same.  I never really felt completely like myself when taking any medication (I felt like it helped and I was still myself [didn’t feel like I was out of my body or anything] but it never felt completely “real”—almost like I was feeling a way I wanted to feel, but knew it would go away; which it always did.

The other thing about the medication is once I took it for  a while the affects wore off and I was back to all my anxiety or depression or whatever, but it was worse.  While happy is how I describe it, it is more than that—part of “happy” is feeling more confident, secure, assertive, forthcoming, commanding, aware… and the list could go on.  I love talking and people I talk to probably think I am on something or don’t know what to think.

The last time I remember feeling some of how I feel now was when I was a little kid in elementary school before all the worries of growing up kicked in—before I had time to realize the bad that is in the world.  It is such a change that as I type this I am having a hard time believing it, but there is no other great explanation—this must be the answer to many prayers I have said for a number of years… I feel more like (ME)—and I know it’s me because I’m not taking any medications to feel this way.  I do still feel a sense of urgency and concern for my family, but I just feel HAPPY!

To save time—and to try to make it to church on time—we didn’t have steel cut oats this morning, but did have eggs and turkey sausage along with our green drink—lucky ingredients today were: spinach, kale, romaine, cucumber, lemon, distilled water, but I did add parsley to the mix to shake things up a bit.  Church was great! And I ended up going to visit a few families with one of the youths of the congregation where I again noticed the changes in my—more talkative, better memory, calling each person of the family by name.

We dropped by one family and the mom was out shoveling the drive-way; we asked if she needed help and she insisted that she didn’t but I noticed the youth was ready to jump out.  I was getting ready to leave, but thought to ask him if we should help her; he said: “I want to” so I said “let’s do it.”  He jumped out and grabbed the shovel from her and I grabbed another shovel from the garage and we shoveled the little bit remaining on her drive-way.  I did it so quickly that I forgot about my back—let’s just say I feel the pain tonight and am slightly worried about tomorrow morning.

I had a quick lunch once done with visits—leftovers from last night’s feast: vegetable medley with—of course—lemon juice, basil, sea salt over peppers, onions and tomatoes along with the left over lemon herb chicken—mmmm mmmm mmmm good!  A great 2 ½ hour Sunday afternoon nap ensued then a great baked potato dinner with some make shift sour cream made with yogurt, garlic and some seasoning to give it the sour cream flavor (not exactly the flavor, but good enough to eat), especially since we topped it with ground turkey seasoned with lemon juice, basil and sea salt.

I made an awesome family calendar to use on our new iPhones for keeping track of our schedule—well it is actually a combination of multiple calendars.  But, to make a long story (4 hour story) short I made it so either my wife or me can schedule an appointment for any member of our family and the other can see it on our iPhones or iPads and each family member is assigned a different calendar—may not sound like much to some, but I have been out of the game for so long it felt good to do it.

My wife is doing almost as well as I am—I say almost because it is hard to be sure, but she is exhuming more positivity than I can recently remember and is even less afraid to talk to people than I ever remember as well—it is AWESOME!  It is hard to feel the way I feel today and not thank God for leading us to this path of healing and for helping us see the effects of our choices so quickly—so… thank you Heavenly Father!

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