Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 31 – Are we There Yet?... Half way baby!

Today marks the start to the second half of the cleanse—well probably not actually half way because as I’ve discovered this probably won’t be the end of my journey but just the beginning since I will likely have to go at least 1 year or longer.  Today was another great day—they just keep getting better—and I realized how far I have come today (now I’m not sure if that means how much more crazy I am or how much better I am)… let me explain.

I’ve mentioned that even a few years ago if I were to run into my future self my past self would probably kick my butt because I was NEVER going to consider eating or at least NEVER would have considered eating or living like this for a few days let alone a whole month!  Well… I talked to a friend of mine—actually somebody who is partnering with me in a business venture—about what I’m doing.  He has struggled with many of the same symptoms I have had forever and I seriously looked at him and said: “If you want to feel better we’ll get you on this.”  He looked back at me like I was crazy and said: “Oh, I will NEVER do that” I smiled because that would have been my attitude even one or two years ago.

I say that I would not have done it, but I didn’t really know that at that time this type of change could alleviate ALL symptoms and not just one or two.  Because to be honest I don’t know that it would be worth it just to rid myself of ringing in my ears or burning when I pee or some of the other symptoms alone, but if I would have known this was guaranteed to get rid of all of them I may have done it.  I guess this may be why it took 20 years of the Lord and others whispering in my ear before I finally had the courage and will power to make the change.

I have really come a long way… or some might think a really long way off, but I don’ t believe so.  For me I know that people will only really change if they want to change so—in my book—somebody is really only off when they push what they believe or push how they eat on somebody as have to or the right path for everybody.  I don’t think I’m off because I don’t know what the right path is for everybody, but I do know what has worked for me and what has not—what I am doing right now IS WORKING FOR ME if you think it might work for you… if you have exercised to your hearts content and have not felt the high others say is waiting for you… if you have been told by countless doctors that nothing is wrong with you… if you have tried everything and nothing has worked then maybe this is for you too.

Anyway… that is as much push as I will give, if you want change it is up to you!

Food today was steel cut oats—of course—eggs with toast YUM and our green drink: celery, cucumber, romaine, lemon, kale, spinach and distilled water!  Lunch was a HUGE salad topped with lemon herb chicken and quinoa mixed together with some basil and sea salt.  Had a supplemental meal from M’Lis again to try to keep the calories up.  For dinner we had to be quick so we just had some eggs with sausage (turkey with no funny sounding or unpronounceable ingredients) and toast.  All toast today was with the same bread I talked about the other day.

We did have another dessert smoothie tonight with ice, avocado and M’Lis simply sweet (which I’m not sure I like better than stevia but won’t give up on it yet).  Days are getting better and better for both my wife and me—I think she said she felt good all day (except she may be getting a stomach bug) and we are still both up and feeling OK at 11:45pm.  Better get to bed, there is a sweethearts run tomorrow morning and we are realin to get some rest!  Wish us luck.

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