Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 66 – Carrots Again... Maybe?

OK, so my wife and I have been getting sick of trying to figure out if something affects us and have decided to assume that no vegetables do affect us, so this last Monday we bought a whole bag of baby carrots to try as we come off our fast as part of our raw vegetable diet.  Well… this whole week we’ve eaten the entire bag of baby carrots (which for something from Costco is no small task).  I just had my worst day yesterday in weeks (maybe since this cleanse began) and just had the thought this morning that it may be the carrots.

I know, I know, would you stop with trying to place any type of food as the culprit of how you feel.   But, the difference in the way I felt was great enough that we decided it is worth considering the carrots and putting them on the food crap list again for a while.  I am sick of trying to figure out what foods affect me and what foods don’t but I am sick of the bad days that come and then notice that we had changed something recently in our diet that could affect us.  I’m willing to admit that it may not be carrots, but what is the harm in keeping them out for now and then introducing them much slower than a whole Costco sized bag in a 3-4 day period!

Breakfast was a smoothie—which included: cucumbers, CARRTOTS, romaine lettuce, lemon, lime and spinach.  We also had a great Cacao Pow with quinoa—it wasn’t our steel cuts, but we didn’t have enough time this morning to make our steel cuts, we also added some maca.  This morning was rough and the rest of the day has been rough as far as feeling very tired.  I cooked some eggs mid morning and had some toast with our almond flour bread and some great green salsa, then had the left-over spaghetti for lunch (no wonder I’ve gained 6 pounds throughout today!).

The rest of the afternoon was busy and I stayed pretty tired (more tired than I have felt lately but my overall well being felt better than yesterday).  A friend from law school came and visited with me for a while and I told him about our diet—he didn’t say it but I could sense he thought we were nuts and was happy to stop by McDonald’s on our way to my house when I told him I could make him dinner but was honest when I said that what I made he may not like.

My dinner tonight was actually some frozen turkey sausage leftover from a few weeks ago and the leftover pink slime looking chicken meatballs leftover from last night.  We had a great sit in the sauna tonight and enjoyed some time with our favorite TV show right now (psych).

Biggest complaint today was being tired—still frustrated at the lack of recent progress in my sinuses but feeling much better than I was feeling yesterday and still willing to go as long as it takes to see my symptoms disappear.

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