Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 58 - Mercury Rising!

... or more like falling.  OK, so this is just a title to an old movie that really has nothing to do with what I'm writing today, but the mercury part does.  I made it to the dentist and got 1/4 of the fillings in my mouth replaced and i'm happy to report that it didn't go too bad... overall anyway.  Here's what happened (again, skip to the end for only the Candida updates).

We were running late this morning so I ended up getting to the Dentist about 15 minutes late.  The assistant got the bib on and the dentist was right in the room to give me the NOVOCAINE, which I have been very excited about since yesterday.  All my childhood experiences came flooding back and I was turning into a big baby--and with my "baby" (4 year old) sitting in a chair about 6 feet from me watching the whole thing unfold.

The pre stuff (the purple stuff--i don't know what it's called) was the first thing to be applied and then the nice needle.  It wouldn't be so bad if all the dentist had to do was numb you with one shot and it took care of everything, but he/she has to make sure the area to be worked on is good and numb (we've divided my mouth into 4 quadrants and are planning on replacing one at a time).  But, anyway... 3-5 shots later and I was well on my way to feeling the wonderful effects of the novocaine.

I sat in the chair for about 15 minutes while the novocaine took affect and then watched as the dentist came in.  He decided to drill the furthest back tooth first.  He turned on the drill and that sent my fingers digging into my stomach and every mouth muscle to clench up--which placed a lot of pressure on my jaw since I was also trying to keep my mouth open.

As he dug into my tooth I had flashbacks of the last time I had to have a filling replaced and just cringed--waiting with each movement of the drill for "that area" to be hit and the pain to hit me with full force.  It never came, although I never really looked for it.  Then on to my forward tooth.  He no sooner touched my tooth than the same feeling (the tinfoil pain) shot through my whole jaw and I let out an audible scream!  I'm pretty sure I sounded very manly but it is slightly possible that instead of my "manly voice" I used my holy cow you just hurt a little girl voice and I screamed--"well I guess that's not numb enough" the dentist said.

I had to  get more novocaine, but I wasn't too worried because I knew that I was already pretty numb and wouldn't feel it and I was right.  But it did give me another 5-10 minutes to fret over the possibility of the same experience from years ago all over again.  The dentist shooting me with more and more novocaine to no avail.  The dentist came in and asked if I was ready then looked at me a little incredulously--which I then realized was because I had not opened my mouth--I hesitated for another moment, took a deep swallow and then opened.

The drill came on and he lowered it into my mouth.  You know how there are those experiences where a moment feels like an eternity.  Well... this was one of those experiences.  The memory of that horrible day 15 years earlier came back to me--not where I was or what I was wearing, or even who I was with, but the sound of the drill and the pain... OH THE PAIN!@!@!  I remember the dentist being baffled years before and ended up picking a different bit that I like to call the "auger" bit because of how big it seemed the other and how much lower the pitch of the drill was as they dug.

After an eternity of reflection the bit made contact with my mouth.  I swear I could feel just under where he was drilling the pain wanting to explode out of my tooth, but even though it felt like it was on the 'verge' of pain the rest of the time it didn't really hurt after that.  I do still think it's funny that the dentist is drilling something out that is not even technically part of my tooth but it still caused an enormous amount of pain--curious??? although not enough to really do any digging to find out the reason.

The rest of the visit is inconsequential because everything went smooth and we set up another appointment for a few weeks from now to take care of another quadrant (and perhaps 2... we'll see).  Off to the next adventure because I need to get the back roters replaced on the van and the front CV joint replaced.  I was going to replace the roters by myself but since my CV joint needs replacing and that is something I don't want to tackle on my own.  Off to my mechanic Cole to get the work done.

Since we only have one car my 4 year old and I dropped it off and then walked about 1 mile down the street to the McDonald's to have a great time.  Ended up staying there A LONG TIME and had to walk to my sons pre-school which is about another 1/2 to 3/4 miles from McDonalds.

Ended up getting a hold of the mechanic and he said nothing was wrong with the car.  He even had one of his other mechanics drive the car and they couldn't find anything either.  I think it's funny because I know the van was making a sound that Cole said would indicate a bad CV joint but it wasn't really making the sound this morning.  He also said the brakes were fine--I think it's only a matter of time (and not very much) until I'm back in there because of what I heard.


Breakfast was a quick egg so we could get to the dentist, lunch was late and not really a lunch more like a snack--potatoes cooked in the oven covered with sea salt (olive oil used to cook) and then dipped in nice green salsa.  Dinner was a quinoa mixture over a HUGE salad, since we can't have any more meat until after our cleanse which is starting tomorrow.

Energy was very good today--it wasn't a big deal to do all the walking with my son (although 2-3 miles really isn't that much, I just hadn't done it in a while).  I think I am definitely on one of the ups of this crazy roller coaster ride and hope to stay here for a long time.

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