Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 52 – Burnin Down the House

Imagine the music to the song “Burning Down the House” as you read the title—no we didn’t actually burn down the house, but almost (OK to be fair to my wife who actually looks as if she is ready to jump through my body as I wrote “we” it was me who almost burned down the house).

My wife had a slightly rough day at work today and I thought it would be nice to have the house smelling nicely for when she got home.  I took a bottle of potpourri we got for Christmas and emptied the contents into a pot and put it on the stove—it was smelling great as I let the pot simmer for about 2 hours but it was close to the time to get my wife and the water in the mixture was gone so I added some water and then turn it up to high and let it quickly come to a boil before turning it off to get my wife.

Well… my 4 year old decided he was hungry so I quickly fixed him some chicken nuggets so we could get out of there.  As luck would have it I forgot about the pot and out the door we went.  My wife had some work to get done when we got to the school so we were all at the school for about 1 hour before heading home.

One fun note of something else that happened today… I cut my own hair and did that earlier this morning.  Well… my 4 year old watched me cut my hair today.  While at the school my wife was working on her stuff and said: “I hear scissors cutting hair, did Tim just cut his hair” I couldn’t tell right away but sure enough he cut a big chunk missing from his hair.  To make it better his 8 year old brother decided to take a little chunk out of his own hair (but his was not very noticeable).

Anyway… back to getting home—my wife was the first one in the door and said: “something smells like it’s burning.”  It didn’t even dawn on me yet, I just thought she was smelling the potpourri, but as I entered the house I could smell it to.  As we rounded the corner into the kitchen we could see the haze through the house and then saw the stove… still on high… all water out of the mixture and probably ready to burst into flames at any moment (literally may have been a few minutes away).

In fact when I put the pot under the water the whole pot filled up and was still steaming as the liquid cooled the pan.  Needless to say I came closer than I have yet to burning down the house.  To make matters worse when we went to karate I left an electric frying pan on—didn’t have anything on it, but it stayed HOT.

Anyway… as far as food goes today we had quinoa millet with maple and some toast (with our bread) and our favorite morning juice.  Lunch was eggs cooked in butter with salt and pepper over quinoa mixed with avocado over a HUGE spring salad all topped with our favorite salsa mixture mmm mmm mmm.

Dinner was quick again because my sons karate—refried beans from Trader Joe’s covered with home-made guacamole in a rice tortilla covered with our awesome salsa.

My wife had a rough day and I almost burned down the house (twice) but overall… I would say it was a good day—I just hope this absentmindedness I’ve felt today doesn’t continue.

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