Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 60 – Finally Done?

I say that because we are starting on our final cleanse today (juice cleanse that is) and after the 3 days will officially be done with the 60 day program—we will still need to introduce food very carefully but we are hopeful.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are all really easy to talk about—our mixture of Lemon Juice, distilled water and pure maple syrup.  It was a very busy morning—although I didn’t get a huge burst of energy I did have quite a bit.  My wife went to a breakfast this morning with her mom and some other ladies.  While she was gone I got busy and organized the house (which has been a bit neglected over the last couple of  weeks.  I even organized the garage some.

Our kids are starting to love this new kind of steel cut oats we found at Costco—they are “quick cook” steel cut oats and they are a HUGE hit!  This is the second day we’ve had them and they loved them.  I was waiting for my 8 year old to throw a little fit but he never did.  We surprised them with swimming this afternoon at the local Rec Center—even took both boys down a pretty good size waterslide there.

I didn’t notice but my wife did—they had a hot tub and I guess upon closer look she saw a lot of the yucky foam stuff that was gathering on top.  There is an idea that the foam stuff that foams on top of a hot-but (not bubbles, but foam) is actually the candida yeast festering around in there.  There are some people who won’t even sit in publichot-tubs for that reason.  I think I may become one of those people though—it’s pretty nasty when you think about it.

We headed to Sam’s Club tonight to check it out—we found a local deal that pretty much let us get a membership for free.  It was crazy how much more candy and really sugary stuff they had there as compared to Costco; what seemed like isles and isles of candy bars and sugary candy.  Now Costco has it too, it just seems like their isles of snacks has less candy and more “health” items—it’s in quotes because they aren’t really healthy, but they are things like granola bars and trail mixes.

Got the kid’s pizza at Sam’s Club since we got it for free and also picked up a pizza for some guests we are having at our house on Tuesday—we will only be on raw vegetables that day and don’ twant to freak them out with what we are feeding them.

Made it back in time to go to dinner with a group of friends and my brothers.  While I was in law school a group of friends started getting together at restaruants on each persons birthday.  When I got home I began to join them and it’s becoming more of a tradition now.  They do think I’m nuts because the last meal I went to I was on a juice cleanse also—I wonder if they think that that’s all I do is drink juice… I guess sometimes I wonder that too.

They do give me a hard time but not as hard as they use to.  We went to Famous Daves, which looked and smelled very good.  I also have to be honest; tonight I had a harder time smelling the food and watching them eat.  Last time it wasn’t that way but this time everything smelled good and I wanted some ribs and fries and what looked like a corn bread roll!  I keep telling myself things are getting better—which they are—but it is hard at times, hopefully tomorrow’s better.

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