Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 56 – I can Hear Clearly now the Ringings Gone…

OK, so the ringing isn’t completely gone but this morning I laid down for about ½ hour and fell asleep during that time.  As I woke the blob that seems to move around deep in my sinuses felt like it shifted and I could no longer feel the pressure and one of the 3 tones of ringing I’ve had for as long as I can remember was gone!  It was funny because I knew I couldn’t hear it anymore but I kept wondering if I had actually ever heard the ring at all.

I’m hopeful that ring is gone for good and we’re on to the next two.  It came at a perfect time because even though I’ve felt better overall it has been more difficult in the last few weeks because the progress in my ears and sinuses seems to have stagnated and the cravings have been so bad in the last few days that I did feel like quitting but with the quote from Edison and the feeling that we were inspired to do what we are doing I decided it is worth trudging forward and hoping for the best—thank goodness I have because the relief came so sudden that it gives me hope that the remaining symptoms I have will eventually go away and perhaps as fast as todays ringing did.

Breakfast was just a juice (our standard) and then one of the leftover blueberry muffins (which are still as good as the day we made them).  The morning was AWESOME—especially after I finished my ½ hour nap and felt that immediate relief.  My wife forgot a few of her vitamins at school so I decided to make lunch and take it with me to eat lunch with her.  I had a HUGE salad with quinoa sprinkled with sea salt mixed with avocado and topped with 2 eggs cooked in butter and seasoned with sea salt and pepper.

This afternoon I finished some contract work for one person and checked out an agreement for another—all with the hopes of being able to forward my business and see my business and financial aspirations realized.  Dinner was GREAT! We had chicken cooked in coconut oil seasoned with salt, pepper, basil, fresh lemon juice and cooked with green onions, yellow onions and some asparagus.  Also had some red potatoes cooked rosemary and sea salt.

We had my wife’s parents over for dinner and had a great time—even made my father-in-law some Cacao-Pow (FYI, he is what a lot of women on this program call the “typical guy” because he refuses to even consider doing something like this for him or his wife).  I asked how he liked the cacao pow and all I got was: “It’s all right” which translated into people talk either means it’s awesome or it’s good—but it is probably better than being bad because all you can get out of him if something is bad is a sound like: “Ehh.”  I’m hopeful, although I doubt he will ever try it.

I told him tonight that some of the rining in my ears is gone to which he responded, “there’s medicine you can take for that.”  What he was talking about is Quietus and some other herbs such as Rioflavinoid (or some other name like that) both of which I’ve tried—for 6 months or longer—and had NO success!

Found out something else today—we are almost out of our herbs so I went to my in-laws house to pick some up, as I was talking to my mother-in-law I found out that she is not taking all the herbs as often as she needs to be taking them.  I felt bad because she has been doing this program for as long as we’ve been doing it and has not felt the same relief my wife and I have.  What can you do?!?

Seems like just an average post for having something so big happen today—I really am excited about the progress! And look forward to much much more!


  1. Happy to hear the ringing is subsiding in your ears. It can DRIVE YOU NUTS!!! Hopefully it will go away and stay away.

    1. Thank you. This is the biggest reason I have done the candida diet. It is refreshing to see others with similar problems and hear about their relief.