Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 69 – Better… a Little Better

Today felt much better for most of the day—at least compared to how it’s felt the last couple of days.  We made breakfast easy—steel cut oats (gluten free).  We found out that on Amazon we can get the oatmeal and a few other items cheaper than we can from any local store and even some of the companies own web-sites.  Although we have found that our favorite spaghetti noodles are the very cheapest at Wal-Mart (so we stock up on those every time we go to Wal-Mart.  Anyway… we also had our favorite green juice: celery, spinach, kale, lemon, lime and romaine lettuce.  Although since we are “officially” done with the cleanse.

Morning was rough—energy wise—because I think I’m still trying to recover from my run on Saturday.  It was only 3.68 miles but it KICKED my butt and made me feel like an old man (especially since the pain has only gotten worse since Saturday, I’m hoping tomorrow’s better.  I had lunch with an old law school classmate at a local McDonalds.  I’m not sure whether he knows we’ve been on a diet, but I showed up with my HUGE bowl of salad topped with quinoa leftovers from last night mixed with a little of our favorite green salsa.  One of the other customers looked at me and said: “that doesn’t look like it came from McDonalds!  I assured him it was a new line with a special re-usable glass bowl and enjoyed my meal!

Dinner was a crock-pot meal my wife found online at number 25 “Lentil and Kale Super Food Dinner (thanks for the suggestion!).  It was pretty good although we did fry an egg to put on top of the concoction.  My wife also read today that there is a school of thought on candida that says eggs are VERY good for you and is one of natures perfect foods.  I’ll go back to just being frustrated at all the different ideas and really don’t know what is right and what is wrong.  We’ve chosen our path and feel good about where we are and are hoping and praying that all continues to clear up.

I took my 8 year old to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat tonight at a local community theater—he LOVED it; even saw his dentist who was one of Jacob’s sons.  It was funny because as soon as the show let out he went to where all the actors show up (which is normal for him to do), but guess who the first one was he started to look for?  Yep! He was excited to se his dentist!

My in-laws are coming home from Michigan today (well actually tonight—or more exact very… very early tomorrow morning [about 12:30am]).  I may try to get about 40 minutes of sleep or so before getting the call to drive to the airport.  Day was better today.  Oh, I did forget to mention that I listened to some brown noise or pink noise or something while we slept last night and my ears felt like they were loosening all through my sinuses too.  I’m not sure it was the noise, but it is worth another shot tonight… I’ll keep you posted.

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