Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 46 – Like a Kid Again

It's true—my wife and I both agree that the way we feel right now is a way we have not felt since being children.  This is a statement that is hard to explain unless you have felt similar but perhaps all we’ve heard about feeling worse as we grow older is a bunch of hooie!  OK… so It’s only been a few days and it is likely this elation we feel now is not indefinite and we will surely feel stress and other grown-up emotions.  But, just to feel like this—like you are on something to make you happy—without actually being on anything other than healthy eating is awesome.

Food was Great today!  WE had French-toast this morning with some bread we got at a health food store to test a not gluten no sugar loaf—I may have mentioned it before but it is not very good, not sure we will be trying it again; especially since it is like 8 bucks a loaf!  Nevertheless… here is a picture of the bread for those daring souls out there who are just clamerin for some bread (or bread like substance) and they don’t care what it tastes like—come hell or high water they want it.  We used real maple syrup… mmm mmm mmm good!  I also added a fried egg to put over my frenchtoast which I have to say was devine.

As always we had our favorite green drink—cucumber, spring mix, celery, kale, spinach, lemon, lime, ginger and romaine lettuce.  All I can say is beverage goodness!  WE helped a friend move today—it was a little funny because he had been putting it off because of the snow and then finally decided that this morning was the time so he rented a U-Haul and planned it all only to have it blizzard like conditions during the move; although we did fine getting it done.

They provided pizza for everybody after so we let our boys eat the slices we would have eaten if we were eating “normally.”  We had more than one of the people there ask us about how we are feeling and what we are doing.  I told them that I just felt like my wife needs to lose a few pounds we are on a diet ;)  a few of them looked at me like I was the devil, but with the few laughs we got and the ice broken we were able to explain to them what I meant.

Since we didn’t eat the pizza we did run home and make lunch—my sweatie made lunch while I cleared the driveway and walks—there has been so much snow this year I really don’t know how long it will take for it all to melt away.  Lunch was quinoa mixed with green onions, and peppers cooked in coconut oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and of course our drug of choice… BASIL!!  We added some refried black beans from Trader Joes and topped it all over spinach and spring mix.

Off for some errands this afternoon and then home to get ready for dinner and for my brothers kids to come over for the night.  Now about feeling like a kid.  My wife and I both went to sleep at about 1:00am and got up at about 7:00am—which is something we have done before, but today we both felt good most of the day and as long as we were just sitting down we seemed to have a lot of energy.  It is acutally about 11:45pm and we are still up trying to get ready for bed—we did have a small power nap this afternoon (about 20 minutes) but that is it and we are going strong and have been all day—this is surprising for my wife because she has never done this.

She mentioned today that she hasn’t felt this good since being a kid and I have to agree. During game night last night a side of me came out that I haven’t felt since being a little kid (I got up and did a victory dance when my team won while playing a game!  I have not done that since being a kid; at least not like I did last night—my wife did wonder who I was.  She is also doing better as far as mood and other womanly issues are concerned.  It is amazing that I recognize it, but what is more amazing is that she recognizes it.  Again… hard to explain unless you have felt it!

Dinner was burritos.  We found some brown rice tortilla shells at Trader Joes along with some refried pinto beans and we made our own guacamole from 2 avocadoes, about 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice and then sprinkle salt on for taste.  Mash the avocadoes to the consistency you prefer and then add the lemon juice and salt—delicious.  We used the left over quinoa from lunch and had great burritos!

Another good good day—although we are done today and really need to go to bed!

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