Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 67 – Run Run as Fast as You Can

All the frustration felt from the last few days has really done a number on my psyche—my wife still seems to be doing OK, but I’ve had a rough couple of days.  We made breakfast really quick this morning so my wife could go on a run to the local Rec Center and then Spin with a friend of hers for a little bit.  Breakfast for my wife ended up being a quick bite to eat: a quick green juice and then she took her favorite trail mix (a concoction of our own making: cacao nibs mixed with raw almonds and raw cashews—with the nuts the nibs taste almost sweet). had a better eggs and toast breakfast.

After she was done her friend brought her home and then I decided I would strap on my shoes and do the same thing (at least by running to the Rec Center).  I got ready and put on the Pandora Classic Rock Power Workout music and headed down the street and I was booking it!... at least as fast as I could go.  I got about 1 mile away from our house (mostly downhill to this point) and my legs started to almost give out on me but I kept running, although much slower than when I started out.  I thought about it while running on a main street.

I must have looked like a man on a mission because I could feel my face focus on the steps in front of me while I ran to the music.  I’ve felt pretty good the rest of the day (at least not too sore) but it’s been a while since I opened up like that.  I say opened up but when I was done running I went about 3.7 miles at an average pace of 9:10 (so I wasn’t going fast enough to qualify for Boston or anything but I think I did pretty good).

As I made it to the Rec Center a patron came out to me and asked me “where did you get those calves?”  I hadn’t though about it but since losing weight my calves seem so much more defined than before (runs in the family).  The sad part is—and this is what I told the man who asked—I don’t have to do much at all for the calves they’re there naturally.  I decided to work out a bit so I gathered around the work-out machines and watched the body builders and the VERY in shape people work out almost showing off their muscles—then I stepped up and benched a whole (maybe 80-100 pounds)… I felt like… well a weakling that’s what I felt like, but I am that I am and that’s all that I am.

My wife brought down some healthy snacks for us to eat—including some fresh yellow, red and orange peppers as well as some dip she made out of cashews, almonds, almond milk and some spices (MMM MMM MMM).  We ran a ton of errands and I think I felt much better than even yesterday but still a rough day.  Got home Saturday night and had a GREAT salmon cooked over a fryer seasoned with lemon, salt, pepper, basil, thyme and coconut butter, cooked on one side for about 7 minutes and then ENJOYED!

It wasn’t a great day but the run was good and the salmon was great!

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