Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 50 – Days are blurring together

The ups and downs of this diet are a killer—reading online doesn’t really give you any relief because the “horror stories” of people sticking to this type of diet for a few months and then—as they put it—fall of the banwagon, totally go crazy.  A few posts talk about ladies who have gone 1-2 years or longer before they had complete relief of their symptoms.  I had originally planned to go the 30 days and then found out it was 60 days and now understand why these people just give up.

Today was not a terrible day but it has been one of reflection and longing for the items that I’ve left behind (even if only temporary).  Today started pretty good, we both got up and had a date with Tony Horton but for one of the ten minute workouts not the full P90X.  Breakfast was eggs with some of the new bread as toast to go with it—mmm mmm mmm.  Our same-old standby juice: Cucumber, kale, romaine, celery, lemon juice, ginger and I added some of our spring mix salad to finish off a bit of it.

Busy day—felt like it was go, go, go.. but lunch was great!  I sautéed some onions with chicken in coconut oil seasoned with lemon juice, sea salt, and basil.  Mixed all that with some avocado and quinoa and then topped over a HUGE salad.  I ended up taking the salad with me so I could get my son to pre-school on time and ate it in my wife’s classroom.  My wife told me later that some teachers were complaining of a stinky smell coming from the direction of my wife’s room—we could only surmise that is was me and my “stinky” garlic filled meal!... I didn’t think it was stinky I thought it was awesome.

I braved a new bread recipe since our one from yesterday worked out so well.  I did tweak it a bit and made it work with what we had, but it was the BEST bread we have had so far but we are not sure how much money we’ll be saving since the ingredients are a bit pricy—looks like I’ll be doing a cost analysis.  Dinner was left over soup from yesterday mixed with my lunch quinoa—mmm mmmmmm!

As I was typing this I was reminded of something creepy happening at our house.  For the last week or so we’ve noticed in the morning that our garage door is open.  At first we thought maybe it had been opened from the night before (which is hard to believe because of how obsessive I am with making sure multiple times that the garage is closed.  Well… what we’ve figured out is that our garage door will mysteriously open sometimes without us doing anything… now my wife understands why I’m so paranoid about making sure the garage door going into our house stays locked!

We are not ready to give up on the diet and will continue, but I don’t know if I can wait for 2 years before all my symptoms disappear—as long as improvement keeps coming I’ll be fine.  On a side note I read online that a company may be looking for a husband and wife soon to be the first to travel to mars (I suppose to circle the planet and prove it can be done) and then—hopefully—get them back to earth.  I would love to do something like that but my wife didn’t even have to think about it when I told her—“NO” she said.  I suppose our kids do need us here… ;)

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