Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 63 – Hit it from another angle?

OK… the first day we can eat raw vegetables.  Initially I thought it would be no problem but as the day progressed I realized something: “I have ho idea how raw vegans do it!”  I miss the grains and the meats and I believe that when you go totally raw you don’t have any of the grains and beans because they are cooked.  While I can have the nuts—and that would help—I’m still not sure.

Looking at the end of the program and I realize how far I’ve come from where I was.  The anxiety is still pretty much gone as well as the depression but some of the tiredness remains.  It may be unfair to analyze being tired today because we just had day-light savings and have also gotten very little sleep.  I’ll have to postpone final judgment until my body adjusts to the new time.

Food was just interesting.  I always feel very creative during the raw vegetable only days and today was no different.  I got all the fixings I would need to make some pico de gallo  and then attempted to do just that.  Initially it seemed great but as the day wore on and as I continued to dip the vegetables I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not.  I’ll have to give it a chance tomorrow when I can add rice cakes as a dip.

Breakfast as our favorite green juice and was great.  Lunch was a good sized salad with the pico and also some guacamole that I made on top—both were pretty good, but still not the same as being able to top a salad with quinoa and sautéed onions in lemon juice MMM MMM MMM, I can’t wait until tomorrow!

Snacking all day and another salad for dinner tonight.  It’s funny because we had some missionaries over from our church for dinner and didn’t dare feed them the same “crazy” stuff we’re eating so we cooked a pizza we picked up from Sam’s Club a few days ago.  We had it all cooked and then nobody showed (initially).  We found out they didn’t get it on their calendar and ended up coming about 45 minutes late.

The pizza stayed in the oven (with the oven turned off) so that it would stay warm.  We didn’t think anything about it at the time, but we couldn’t taste the pizza to make sure it was OK.  After they left we realized they had left a good portion of their pizza on their plate.  When we investigated we realized that the pizza crust had hardened (at least part of it) into something that resembled cement rather than pizza—what makes it better is we talked about terrible dinner experience as missionaries and how you don’t feel like you can say anything about them… I guess we may now be a terrible dinner missionary experience!

To make it worse we made them a “healthy” dessert from frozen bananas and almond milk—adding cacao and stevia.  Usually this type of drink would be good for even somebody not staying away from sugar, but the bananas I used were quite ripe and may have been plenty sweet for the whole mixture—meaning I may have gave them a terrible stevia (sweet) overload… really playing into the whole bad dinner story idea.  I think we may have to wait to be able to taste the food we feed our guests before we have them back. ;-)

Tonight my wife read 2 blogs about women who had struggled with ringing in their ears for some time and then decided to try to do something about it themselves.  I think both sites had disclaimers that if somebody tried the same thing to do it at their own risk.  I will make the same one—I did try it but I’m pretty sure at least one of my doctors would throw an absolute fit if he found out.

While the progress overall has been great there are still outstanding issues I’m trying to resolve while staying sane at the same time.  The ringing in my ears is one of them.  I did get some relief last week but it is still bad enough with enough “movement” in my sinuses that it’s still worth a lot of crazy ideas to get rid of.

So here is what I ended up trying tonight.  I took a Neti-pot, broke one of my pro-biotic pills in half and dumped the contents into the neti-pot.  I have been using the M’Lis probiotic along with another one I picked up from the store with a different strain.  I broke one of each and put it in the bottom of the pot then filled the pot with distilled water.

The distilled water part is—I think—very important because if you do searches online you read about people dying from using a neti-pot.  In those cases it appears that they were using just warm tap water, which created a very bad infection when a certain type of bacteria interacted with the sinuses (a brain infection).  I’m really hoping to avoid that.

One of the ladies online talked about a terrible burning pain for about 10 minutes but then complete peace after that.  I did experience some pain—although it was not terrible—but I did not notice immediate peace.  It actually made my nose feel more plugged and worse than it did—although not worse than it did before I started the cleanse.  I may be stepping too far but I’m hopeful that this will actually help and will try to do it again tomorrow.

Otherwise an interesting day! 

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