Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 61 – Escape Fire

Another easy day of lemon juice so not much typing to do.  Although I calculated the amount of sugar grams are in the pure maple syrup we put in each of our drinks and it is about 146 grams!  It is natural sugar, the only natural sugar we can have, but it is sugar nonetheless.  My wife got curious tonight and looked online—she found a site that says using maple syrup for a candida cleanse is like feeding mice cheese to catch them.  Not sure what to think but do know what we’ve been doing is working.  We do get upset that it feels like it’s taking so long sometimes, but when you consider how long I’ve been dealing with symptoms it’s not really that bad… is it?

Church was good, although it didn’t strike me like last week did, but still good.  I talked to somebody at church who is one of the local leaders and found out that he runs his own business and was excited to hear about my doing the same thing.  He gave me more hope to keep going.

Today felt good most of the day and we didn’t even take a nap.  There is something else I noticed today that tells me things are still progressing.  It is easy to think that things are going really slow until something big—like the ringing going away in my ears—happens, but harder for other things until looking back.  Not too many weeks ago I felt tired church (which is a very normal thing); I have felt tired at church for a number of years.  I know it’s something to do with sitting, but have never really felt it get all the way better.

I think it is almost all the way better now.  I realized today that I wasn’t tired at all through the whole time at church—even this afternoon I just got a little sleepy but didn’t take a Sunday afternoon nap and still felt fine.  It again gives me hope that there is more to come.  I also feel like my sinuses are working their magic inside my head.  There is still the blob but it feels like it is right at the bridge of my nose and may be ready to finally let go… at least I hope so.

We saw an advertisement for a documentary on CNN tonight that we really want to watch called Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare—hence the name of the blog post today.  The premise is really good and hits home now more than ever.  We have a health care system that is devoted to profits (and it seems at the expense of our health).  I wouldn’t have considered this even a year ago but finding what I have and going through what I have I realize it more and more every day.

Part of the documentary seems to talk about the importance of alternative medicines as part of the overall approach.  I like it because it doesn’t write off the importance of modern medicine it just says they need to be kept for the extreme cases and we need to focus on treating people with diet and exercise.  All I can say is AMEN!!!  We can’t wait to see it but will probably end up having to buy it (since we don’t have cable) which is something we are not extremely happy about.

Good times continue to roll, lets bring on the next day!

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