Friday, March 15, 2013

The Big Lie

This Candida stuff is such a new part of who I am now it's easy to forget all that has happened to my family and me in the last 10-15 years so I thought I would start to give a little of my story.  I still plan to make the focus of the blog the candida but want to add something.  I may not write a part of my story every day but will plan on continuing the candida journey for as long as it takes for my ringing to completely disappear.  While this will put me--probably--well past the 60 days I had originally planned (well actually than the 30 days I had originally planned) I think it is beneficial to see how long it takes for the ringing to go away.  I do think the story is relevant to the site because it is a HUGE insight to my daily life and food life which probably exasperated my already frail state from when I was a young man.

I had just been working as a computer software consultant and had what many would consider the "perfect" job.  I would fly out on Monday and usually arrive at my destination some time in the afternoon on Monday.  I would drive to my destination and then find my hotel--usually by the time I found my hotel it would be pretty late in the afternoon and I would call it a day.

I remember how scared I was when I originally took the position.  I was working in the computer department at a local credit union and was "livin the dream."  OK... not really, but it seemed pretty good to me.  I was not attending school and was only working and hanging out with my best friend Patrick.  We did everything together and would hang out when work was done--my life consisted of watching movies (I think we had seen all of them as they came out in theaters) and choosing many different restaurants or fast food places to eat at.

Our favorite restaurant was Sizzler because we were both MAJOR meat connoisseurs and thought it was the best place for the money (steak and lemon herb chicken for 8.99... you couldn't beat it).  Our favorite fast-food place was probably Wienerschnitzel.  We had both worked at Arby's--and had actually been "managers" for a few years when we were younger--but our best times were getting the 2 chili Cheese burger combo with a HUGE chili Cheese fry and a large Coke (or Pepsi if that’s what they have... I forget)

Needless to say we weren't going anywhere.  Along came an offer that 2 other people working in my department refused to take.  Come and work for a computer software company installing and training on software and make a bit more money in salary, but then double that money in commissions!  Sounded too good to be true and I thought there was no way the company would even consider me but I decided to try my hand.

In the interview my future boss (Peter) asked me whether I thought I would be able to do this or that.  Keep in mind that my only experience with computers up to this point came as a result of my working for the credit union and the playing that i did.  When I first started with the credit union I remember when I figured out I could change the background on my computer screen and thought it was the COOLEST thing so naturally I had to show my younger brother who responded with something like: "yeah... and?"  OK, so it must not have been as groundbreaking as I initial thought but still big to me.

So back to my interview... when Peter asked me whether I thought I would be able to travel (meaning booking my car rental, plane tickets and hotel) as well as installing software that I knew nothing about on systems that--in some instances--the company knew nothing about and training people ranging from the CEO's of companies to the computer people in the back room?  I naturally did not hesitate and said "absolutely."

OK, so it wasn't that way in my mind, I remember how nervous I had gotten about even having the interview and was shaking like a leaf inside and thought it was so obvious that he would see right through my lies.  I say lies because I didn't really know whether I would be able to do anything Peter had just told me I would need to do and I didn't understand much of the technical stuff that he was trying to tell me about.  I gritted my teeth, my heart pumping at what must have been over 200 bpm--looked Peter in the eye and said, without hesitation: "Absolutely" and thus began my incredible journey in the world of professional consultation.

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