Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 72 – You Can’t Catch Me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!

We found out today just how difficult it is to try to eat out—and it was a stark contrast to how we felt a few months ago.  It used to be that eating out was a lot easier than eating at home.  Much faster—you could just pull up to the window, order and go, or sit down, order and eat.  But… tonight there was a scavenger hunt run at the Salt Lake Running Company that they put on once a month.  It’s a great idea, you go to the store and then pick up a map and start to run—getting to as many checkpoints as possible to pick up a ticket (local restaurants and businesses set up before hand) and then back to the store.

Well… we knew we would be running late so we decided that tonight would be a little “cheat night.”  Sounded great in theory until we started to look at where to eat and looking at the ingredients.  We couldn’t eat at McDonald’s for a myriad of reasons that should be quite obvious (but beyond the obvious there were added things we are staying away from that we couldn’t eat like wheat and sugar… in chicken salad…).  We couldn’t eat at Chick-Fil-A since they too add things to their food we are staying away from, again wheat in chicken??? Whatever happened to beef just containing beef and no colors or additives or salad just having salad?  Or chicken just having chicken?

We let our boys eat and play at a restaurant and then we headed to the local Harmon’s (a local chain grocery store) where we found a vegetable medley and some sushi that we ended up eating.  We pretty much knew the ingredients, but we did cheat a little since the sushi had vinegar (although we are not sure on what kind so we are not positive that was a cheat).  However, even the vegetable medley ended up being a cheat because they cooked it in Canola Oil???  The funny thing was every other ingredient (spices and all) were very healthy and very good so why do they add canola oil instead of olive oil??? Where were you on that one Harmon’s!?  Oh the joys of sticking to a Candida Friendly (or not so friendly for the yeast I guess) diet.

Breakfast today was Cacao Pow (using steel cut oats as the base—our favorite kind of cacao pow).  Also had our green drink.  For lunch I had a huge salad topped with lentils and some quinoa.  Dinner was our great grocery store haul mentioned above we had before running in our fun run.  The best part of the run was when our 8 year old was upset for not winning any prices in the raffles.  We had 3 people and so could get 3 tickets at each stop so we ended up with like 21 tickets (probably more than most people there).  My son said: “We ran all that way for nothing!”  I guess we got him a little too excited about the raffle and not excited enough about the run.

We had a great run though, running down some busy streets and even jay-walked across one that freaked our son out to which we stressed: “you should NEVER do that when you are alone, only when you are with mom and dad!”  That makes it all OK right?  We also found a short-cut on a light rail track the state is putting in that won’t be up and running for a few months yet, but was smooth enough and finished enough to cut about ¼ mile from one area to another!  Thank goodness the only goal was to get the tickets and not to follow a specific route otherwise we would have been cheating and being AWESOME examples to our boys yet again!

Interesting article on the effects of soda--YIKES!

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