Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 45 – TGIF

It’s just been one of those days.  The energy is great and the cleanse is great but it was just a rough day… and a long day!  Breakfast was AWESOME—eggs with the new salsa mix we found we can eat along with quinoa mixed with millet with a little bit of pure maple syrup, stevia and ALMOND MILK—its about time!  We topped it all off with a green drink same as yesterday and then the day gets off.

I went to a lunch meeting with my 4 year old to McDonald’s and the friend I went with bought me three side salads since he didn’t know what I could and could not eat—I brought warm quinoa leftovers from last night to top the salad with.  My son enjoyed a chicken nugget kids meal with chocolate milk and of course apple slices—McDonald’s way of trying to be healthy.  Kind of like ordering a fast food meal supersized with a diet soda, as if that will off-set the rest of the garbage we put in our gut.

Made Spaghetti from fresh tomatoes, coconut oil, olive oil, green onions, yellow onions cooked with salt, pepper, lemon, oregano and of course basil—it ended up being great.  The day was long today because my wife had to stay later at work and my 4 year old decided he would be a 4 year old—not wanting to listen to me or eat the spaghetti.  His poor little body was so tired and hungry he couldn’t see past the frustration he was feeling and would not calm down—it didn’t set me off, but it made it more difficult to get things done and the pressure mounted.  We had karate for my 8 year old tonight and got a baby sitter so we could go play games with my family at my mom and dad’s house.

We brought one of our Cacao-Pows for our dessert made with all the goods, about 28 ounces of almond milk, 2 tablespoons of cacao powder, 2 teaspoons of maca powder and about 4-5 tablespoons of hemp hearts with one avocado, 40 drops of stevia and 1 scoop of M’Lis instant meal and about 20 ounces (volume wise) of ice.  Game night was great a lot of fun, my wife even noticed a different side of me she has never seen—I actually had fun with a game we played, or as my wife puts it I actually played the game.  Good Good day after the little bit of a stressful afternoon and evening!

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