Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 53 - You Karate do yes... or karate do no!

My son had his first Karate tournament today--he did great for his first go around.  He only wanted to compete in the board breaking.  It was very cute because when he first went to brake a board and it broke it surprised him and he said: "WOW" everybody laughed--he didn't win and was pretty upset about not placing but he did great!

Breakfast was pretty fast because we slept in slightly--or I should say that our boys let us sleep in slightly.  We made Almond Lemon pancakes (for the 2nd time) and they were fabulous!  All the recipes we find that we like we tweak them some and in some cases like them even more.  I will have to add it to the recipe section of the blog.  No juice this morning because my wife had to get going to do a fun run with some of her friends and i had to take the boys to Home Depot to do a Saturday project.  They let the kids make race-cars this time and then race them down a track--they had a blast.

Lunch was GREAT!  I made some lemon herb chicken grilled with green onions, lemon juice, salt and pepper and then added Avocado at the end.  Made some quinoa and then mixed the two together and put it all over salad (HUGE SALAD).  I almost forgot about my sons karate tournament which is funny because we just signed him up for it last night at karate.

Today felt much better (overall) than the last week has... I hope I'm getting back into a groove.  Again... it's too easy to question things but we did introduce a probiotic with a different strain to see what we want to do when we are done with the M'Lis cleanse which seemed to help pretty well for the first 2 days, but over the course of the week I did seem to get worse, there are a number o things it could be but I did stop taking the other probiotic for now and seem to be doing better.

My wife also got some minerals from Green Smoothie Girl that are suppose to be very good and are suppose to help rid your body of some of the heavy minerals so we are going to try them for a few days to see how they help.  I'm not convinced that all these things are going to help but we are going to try the things we feel may help and if they do then we will continue and if not then we'll stop--so far progress is about 3 steps forward and 1 step back, so even though this week was a step back we still have had a lot of progress.

Dinner was fast and GREAT!  We bought some salmon last night and cooked it up on an indoor grill--it was just barely cooked and perhaps a little raw in some places but great! So Moist so Good!

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