Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 71 – Begin anew

After my self evaluation last night I thought this would be a new start to the blog—not starting over, but a new resolve to continue and work through the issues that continue to plague our progress and drive.  Breakfast was a great juice—our favorite one: cucumber, ginger, celery, kale, spinach, lemon, lime and romaine lettuce.  We also mixed Steel-cut-oats with amaranth (something I had cut out a few weeks ago but decided to try again this morning).

A bit of a rough morning, but had a pretty good afternoon.  Lunch was quinoa mixed with left over lentils from the other day with fried egg mixed in and put on top of a HUGE salad.  For dinner I thought I would get a little creative and it turns out it may have been too creative.  I bought some rock salt (actually read that water softener salt would probably be OK) then cooked a whole chicken in the middle of a large amount of salt.  I’ve heard great things but I think I may have missed something because it was far too salty for my tastes and actually made me feel like I had to drink a gallon of water later tonight.

We watched a new show on A & E (well actually on their little app you can download from the ipad) called Duck Dynasty.  This show had received great reviews from some of my wife’s friends but it left much to be desired as far as I was concerned.  I’m not sure if it’s because we went to school in the Appalachian Mountains and we lived the show for a few years or because it was just lacking something.  It was funny, but not funny funny… you know what I mean?

I’m acclimating to my new way of life (post herbal bombardment) and am now doing better than I was a few days ago—happy to report that all progress does not seemed to have ceased and I am well on my way to feeling better than I have for at least one week.

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